5 Indoor Portrait Photography Tips

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model in front of a dark photography background
If you have been searching for the answer to how to take amazing photographs in your own home or small studio, look no further! The tips below will provide you with the knowledge to pull off great images without using a multi-source lighting set-up in the studio. Read on to discover how beautiful portraits can be taken using a single-light lighting technique.

1. Light Position

Be willing to get creative. Take a few shots with the light shining down on your subject, up from the floor or over the model’s head. These will all produce different shadows and thereby give you different looks and tones.

2. Background

Use a dark colored photography backdrop that absorbs the light instead of reflecting it. A black velvet drape or a black seamless paper backdrop on a support system stand will produce the same effect.

3. Model Position

Tell your model what mood you want to capture. Ask her to bend, crouch, turn left or right, look up or down, etc. This will help set a specific mood.

model on gray seamless paper background

4. Shooting Angle

You can stand on a chair and shoot at a downward angle. Stand off to one side or at a forty-five degree angle to capture a different set of shadows. Use your imagination!

5. Film and Shutter Speed

Using a fast speed, such as ISO 500 works great for portraits. Setting your shutter speed faster helps capture great shots, as well. Try using a setting around 1/160 and then adjust up or down from there. Consider using a lens for a longer focal length. Take several practice shots with these tips and you will notice the difference in your portraits immediately. Now have some fun and practice the techniques for better indoor portraits!

-Photographic Backdrop Photography Team

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