5 Reasons Why you Need a Chroma Key Backdrop

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 reporter on green screen

With today’s latest technology, Chromakey Backdrops are easily one of the most desired backgrounds on the market.  Here are the top 5 reasons…

1. Unleash your creativity with chroma key

Make your photography and video creations even more vivid and easier to create when you use green screen backgrounds. More and more photographers are shooting on chroma key backdrops and using digital background replacement due to its versatility. Start enjoying the numerous ways you can use green screens with technology and you will see why every amateur and professional needs one!

2. The most versatile backdrop in today’s market

Let’s be realistic, the post-process for editing your photos or videos can be very complex and very tedious. Often times, as a beginner, we can make unchangeable mistakes that can lead to re-shoots, and more re-shoots. With chroma key backdrops, the “green” or “blue” screens easily retain the subject while allowing you to easily replace the surroundings or backgrounds of any image. Spend little time replacing your photography backdrops or simply create a unique setting for your production.

3. Long-lasting product for a fraction of the cost of a live set!

Users are amazed by how easy green screen backdrops are to use in practically any application you might have for replacing backgrounds. Not to mention the high production quality you can produce without blowing the budget on expensive studio rental or location and studio costs.

boy with earphones on green screen

4. Hollywood uses it!

The film industry has benefited from chroma keying tremendously and it can be said that it is the alternative way of creating low budget film projects. Producers can make any idea come alive with spectacular visual effects while using green screens.

5. Save time

Chroma key backdrops offer photographers or video producers, at every level of expertise, the ability to have complete control of a photo or video edit. Whether you purchase digital photography with a library of thousands of digital backgrounds, or are creating graphics on your editing software, you will find that green screen backdrops will provide you with an instant low-cost solution for post-processing, traveling, set ups and or other difficulties for finding the perfect location.

Have you used a green screen before?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • jelly andrews


    Interesting post! What color Chroma is better? Is there any special lighting that is used to have a better effect?


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