7 Basic Accessories for Photographers

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Professional photographers have a few basic supplies they must have in order to build a successful business. Having a good camera is essential. Having a few photographic backdrops for variety is helpful. There are few other accessories that make it easier and more efficient to take great shots. Consider the seven items below when you are stocking your studio.


Having a good laptop allows you do download editing software and take your editing on the road.

Memory Cards

Keeping several memory cards gives you the flexibility to store your projects in an easily accessible way.

Gray Card

This is an inexpensive tool that helps you make white balance adjustments.


There is nothing worse than running out of battery power during a shoot. Keep replacements handy at all times.

Flash Attachments

Even if your camera has automatic flash options, consider an external flash for times that you want to control shadows or overcome settings problems.


A tripod is perfect for shots where you might have some uncontrollable hand movements or need so added stability. Shooting outdoors on cold days, or with a large fan blowing on your subject and secure backdrop are both times that a tripod is very helpful. Using a tripod helps eliminate blurry shots caused by hand movements.


Reflection can be accomplished with a white background, whiteboard or a sheet. Manipulating your shot with bounce lighting can be managed with bright white or silver. You can make your own or buy a professional reflecting background for your studio. Collapsible backgrounds are portable and convenient for out of the studio session. Having these simple tools will help you take better photographs more consistently without breaking the bank.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • Fabien Belanger


    7 Basic Accessories for Photographers

    “Gray Card: This is an inexpensive tool that helps you make while balance adjustments.”

    This item and description has left me completly bewildered. What is a “Gray Card” and what dose it do?


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