Top 8 Advantages to Working in an Indoor Photo Studio

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Top 8 Advantages to Working in an Indoor Photo Studio | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Taking impromptu photos with the camera in your cell phone is definitely fun and can result in some great candid shots. These are awesome for emailing and texting, and they are perfect for posting to Facebook. But would anyone really want to rely on a cell phone camera for a family portrait — or any formal shot? Of course not! When it comes to formal portraiture and photos families will want to save and treasure, an indoor photo studio setting is invaluable. If your customers want photos that stand the test of time, shots taken by a professional photographer in a photo studio have the timeless, classic look and feel any family can treasure for generations. Location photography, whether professionally done or with a personal camera, has a more spontaneous, natural look and feel that is appropriate for certain types of photos. However, the studio setting complete with superb lighting and a quality photo background can offer many benefits and advantages for the portrait photographer. Here are eight of them…

1. Total Control of the Elements

If a photo is being taken outdoors, you can’t control what the weather will do. The wind may kick up at an time, and it could rain. The subject’s hair, makeup and clothing could be affected by outdoor elements. Sun glare could potentially cause your subjects to squint or have distracting light patches on them in the photo. The studio is a controlled setting free of all of these variables.

Top 8 Advantages to Working in an Indoor Photo Studio | Backdrop Express Photography BlogAntique Pine Floordrop | Photo Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

2. Convenience

A photo studio eliminates the need to hike to a distant or remote location. This can be very helpful when it comes to small children or subjects who are elderly or physically challenged. You also have access to everything you might possibly need for your photos in a studio.

3. A Formal and Professional Look

When you’re going for a formal, professional look in your photo, a photo studio setting is hard to beat. All of the elements can be managed to create that undeniable polished, professional look that will impress all who see it.

Top 8 Advantages to Working in an Indoor Photo Studio | Backdrop Express Photography BlogCranberry Washed Muslin | Photo Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

4. Total Control of Lighting

Lighting can be quite variable outdoors, with conditions potentially changing all the time. You’ll have much better control of lighting in a studio setting. Using the flash on the camera and the brightness setting of the lights can help to tone down unwanted shadows and dark circles under the eyes. Certain features of the subject can be enhanced through control and direction of lighting. Studio photography also affords a softer quality of light; sometimes strong outdoor sunlight can be harsh. A backdrop in the studio can also look very different depending upon how it is lit.

5. Timeless and Classic

Photos shot in a photography studio have a more formal and time-tested look than those taken at a location on a more casual basis. The timeless, classic look of a formal portrait will be cherished by your family for generations to come.

Top 8 Advantages to Working in an Indoor Photo Studio | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

6. Fewer Distractions

Outdoor location settings often have too much stimuli for children. If you’re in a park, there could be trees to climb, water to splash in, animals to chase after, etc. Children have short attention spans as it is, but this can be particularly problematic with hyperactive children or toddlers. Natural and genuine expressions can fade in a distracting environment. Conversely, a photo studio has an undeniable formality to it that gets children’s attention. They are far more likely to follow instructions and behave in a photo studio setting — and you’ll get the shots you were hoping for!

7. A Variety of Photo Background Choices

Most photo studios offer a variety of photo backdrop choices to select from — like beautiful hand painted muslin or bright seamless paper. With a variety of colors, textures and scenery possible with photo backdrops, you’re sure to get the look you want. The look of your backdrops can also be changed through lighting and the depth of field of the camera lens.

Top 8 Advantages to Working in an Indoor Photo Studio | Backdrop Express Photography BlogPhotos Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

8. Tranquility and Consistency

A photo taken in a photo studio has a serene and timeless quality that no location shot can fully capture. Subjects seem more relaxed and at ease, more themselves — and without the potentially chaotic elements at a location photo shoot, they probably are! The photography studio offers a serene, controlled, tranquil setting that is conducive to great artistry throughout the process as well as in the final results. Snapshots, casual photos and location photography are fun endeavors, but they are definitely no substitute for the photography studio experience. As you can see, a photography studio setting offers a great many benefits and advantages. Photos taken in a studio setting by a professional photographer convey an energy that is timeless and classic — something to be treasured by families for generations.

Why do you love shooting in a photo studio?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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