5 Ways the New Air Flow Tech Table™ Makes Tethered Photography Even Easier

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At Backdrop Express we’re very proud to announce the newest addition to our product line – tethered photography equipment!

What is Tethered Photography?

Tethered photography is a common term used to describe when a photographer connects (or “tethers”) their camera to their computer or tablet, typically through either a USB wire, FireWire, or wirelessly. During a tethered photo shoot, when a picture is taken, the photo bypasses the camera, is saved directly to the computer’s hard-drive, and displayed instantly on the  monitor or laptop screen. This process gives both the photographer and the model/client instant feedback on the photographs being taken. Historically, this process was reserved for high-end commercial photographers as tethering equipment was often expensive and difficult to operate. However, as technology continues to  improve, more and more photographers have started shooting tethered. At Photographic Backdrop, we’re very happy to be a part of one of the latest developments in tethered photography equipment, the Air Flow Tech Table™.

5 Ways the New Air Flow Tech Table™ Makes Tethered Photography Even Easier

Manufactured by Savage Universal, the Air Flow Tech Table™ is the star product amongst our new line of tethering equipment. Designed by photographers, for photographer, this laptop table was specifically designed to make tethering, whether your in the studio or on-the-go, even easier. Below are 5 of the many ways it accomplishes that ambitious task.

Tethered Photography

Want to learn more? See the Complete Tech Table PDF for Savage Universal

1. It Keeps Your Laptop Safe

One of the most unique and appealing features of the Air Flow Tech Table™  is its ability to keep your laptop safe and cool. With 46 precision-cut ventilated slots and quality aluminum construction, the Tech Table quickly releases and dissipates any heat generated from laptops and batteries into the surrounding environment. This allows for longer use, without the worry of a damaged or overheated computer. In addition, every Tech Table comes with a Laptop Secure Strap for extra security.

Ventilation Slots Allow Heat Generated from Laptops to Quickly Escape into Environment

2. It Works With the Equipment You Already Have

Although you can purchase a Tech Table with a tripod, if you already own a tripod or light stand (as many photographers do), there is no need to buy extra equipment.  Every Tech Table comes with a universal mounting plate, allowing the Tech Table to quickly and easily mount to any standard tripod or light stand.

Easily Mounts to any Standard Tripod or Light Stand with Attached Universal Mount Plate

3. It’s Customizable

The Tech Table was designed by photographers for photographers, with versatility and workflow productivity in mind. With nearly a dozen accessories available, users can customize each Tech Table to suit their individual needs. The unique modular “snap in” design makes accessories easy to install with little to no additional tools required. Common accessories include the camera mount, hard drive storage, mouse platform, writing platform, cable hook, and more.

Modular “Snap In” Design Allows for Easy Install of Multiple Accessories

4. Works Great Whether You’re in the Studio or On-The-Go

Every Tech Tables comes with a convenient carry bag, making it easy to both store and transport. And as we mentioned, its universal mounting plate allows the table to be easily mounted to any standard tripod or light stand, allowing for flexibility and additional convenience!

Tethered Photography KitsSave money when you bundle accessories in a kit!

5. It’s Cost Effective!

As we mentioned above, historically tethered photography was reserved for high-end photographers as equipment and software was often pricey. We’re happy to say that is no longer true! The standard Air Flow Tech Table™ starts at just $153, with accessories starting at just $8. In addition, we have 3 standard Tech Table kits to choose from, allowing you to bundle common accessories to help keep costs low.

– Backdrop Express Photography Team

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