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9 Tips for Great Photography Backgrounds

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male dancer dancing in street

Photo backdrops are both useful and challenging to photographers. For example, a backdrop can make a subject stand out, but it can also distract from the subject, too. Some of the main photo background challenges you will encounter as a photographer include distracting focal points, protruding elements and competing lines. One or all of these can cause your subject to appear out of focus, look as though the building behind him is growing out of his head, or make the photo appear too busy and overwhelming.

A Guide to Tethered Photography for Beginners

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tethered photography

As a photographer, the idea of being tied down might be terrifying, especially if your style depends upon freedom of movement. You climb, you hang, you do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. The last thing you want is a leash to hold you back. Despite the name though, tethered photography doesn’t have to limit you. It many ways, it actually promotes freedom. The ability to see your photos instantly as you take them allows you to take more risk in your digital photography, as you aim for those perfect shots.

5 Ways to Make an Outdoor Photo Shoot Easy

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5 Ways to Make an Outdoor Photo Shoot Easy | Backdrop Express Blog

As a photographer you will learn that working outdoors can offer some great natural lighting, background and unique portrait opportunities. However, there are some challenges you will face when taking your photo shoot outdoors. It can be challenging to find the right location, the lighting can be too bright (or not bright enough) and Mother Nature is not always cooperative. But don’t let these issues deter you from experimenting with outdoor photography. Pack up your camera gear and keep these five tips in mind when heading for the outdoors. One, or maybe all of them, will help make your outdoor photo shoot even easier.

A Guide to Working with Amateur Models

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model under studio lighting

Photo Courtesy of Megan Youngblood

A photograph is not the sole creation of the photographer; it is a creative collaboration between the photographer, stylists, make-up artists, set designers, photo assistants, and the model. Photography backgrounds, lighting kits, and camera equipment must all be in place before the shoot can begin as well. As a photographer I would say that one of the most difficult roles within this dynamic is that of the model. The model is expected to oftentimes endure strange and challenging circumstances and yet manage to maintain a look of seduction, or serenity, or beauty. Professional models with experience have mastered this (swimsuit catalogs aren’t usually shot in the summer…), however for photographers who are trying to get started, Kate Upton’s price tag may be a little bit too high.

When working with models who have less experience, these sort of challenges can be frustrating for both the model and the photographer, however there are tricks to ease the process. Here are five quick tips for working with amateur models: