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A Beginner’s Guide to Food Photography

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Food photography isn’t simply a matter of taking a picture; it requires attention to several significant behind the scenes aspects to creating an enticing image. In order to get great results, a good photographer must take the lighting, any props or backdrops used, the speed of the shooting session and the way the food is set, into account. Great food photography creates an image that is good enough to take in with all of your senses.

Are Professional Backdrops Really Better Than Bed Sheets?

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Photo Backdrops Photo Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

One of the benefits of location photography is being able to take photos in just about any environment you can travel to. Some photographers specialize in a certain type of location setting, while others enjoy traveling to a variety of different environments. However, studio photography is different; environments aren’t ready-made in the studio, and because of this professional backdrops are essential to the studio photography process. The good news is that this fact does not have to have a limiting effect. Photography backdrops are available in a huge variety of colors, materials and designs. The best backdrops for your portrait photography will depend upon the size of your studio, style of photography, budget and personal preferences.

Teaching Photography to Young Children

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Young photographer with bright red camera

Naturally, children are some of the most curious beings on the planet, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they take an interest in that spiffy device in your hands that captures still pictures and makes a flash. And it’s not something that you should hide from your children. If a child shows an interest in photography, encourage him or her to pursue that. Here’s how:

Tips to Photographing an Older Generation

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old man smiling on black background

For many different reasons, over the years, we’ve developed a growing admiration for the elders within our communities. They have loved, laughed and cried for many decades making them the inspiration to many of the younger generations they come in contact with. Their faces share their passion for life and all they have experienced. There is no better way to preserve their life experiences than through photography.

Black & White Photography With Black Backdrops

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baby's feet on black backdrop

An alternative to eye-popping color in photography is the other extreme, which is the ever-striking use of black and white photography. So much sumptuously beautiful photography is set in black and white, making your subject the centerpiece of the photograph by bringing out your subject’s defining facial characteristics. The digital camera makes it simple to experiment with black and white since you won’t need to purchase special film. You will be able to set your digital camera to the black and white setting or change the image in post-production. When you take your black and white photo against a black background, you accentuate even more detail in your black and white photos.