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Using Collapsible Photo Backdrops Outdoors

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black white collapsible backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

A photo backdrop allows you to take photographs against a fixed background, which may be preferable to a natural background. This often occurs in portrait photography when a room is too small for a portrait. You may also need a photo backdrop in outdoor photography when the natural background is too distracting. Photographers typically use a collapsible backdrop for remote locations due to their portability.

The Shield and Sword of Image Protection: Being Proactive to Protect Your Content

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This is a great guest blog by Amy Cobb over at

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Theft of images online is an enormous and sometimes seemingly insurmountable problem. The net can seem so vast and so diffuse trying to find an unauthorized posting of one piece, or even a number of pieces, of content can daunt even the most stalwart of surfers. However, the process is often not as overwhelming as it may sound. In fact, in a number of cases the content-poacher is unaware that they’ve done anything wrong and an email request can quickly facilitate the content in question’s removal or even an unexpected source of promotion if the poster agrees to link the image back to your site.

Improve Your Portraits with 15 Easy Tips!

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Top 15 Tips to Improve Your Portraits | Backdrop Express Blog

In this technologically-driven age we live in, photography has become more accessible to more people than ever. From beginners to professionals, advancements in digital photography have made the process much more forgiving and enjoyable. While any beginner or amateur can push a button and capture an image, it takes talent, knowledge and expertise to compose and create really good photos. This is especially true for portrait photography. While there are few hard and fast rules that work every time when it comes to portraits, here are 15 solid tips that can help take your portrait photography from just “OK” to good — or even great!

10 Misconceptions about Becoming a Photographer

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female photographer holding camera

It is human nature to be drawn to beautiful things, and many people have capitalized on this fact by going into the photography business. However becoming a successful professional photographer is still a challenge, despite the many advances made in the field. Since we see photos everywhere, it’s easy to think that making a living as a photographer might be possible for almost anyone. But there is a difference between someone who takes pictures and a photographer. Here are some misconceptions about what it takes to produce professional quality photos.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Photography Studio

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group of 4 girls posing on couch in photo studio

So you love the world of professional photography and you have dreams of owning your own photo studio… who can blame you? There are so many things to love about studio photography, and owning your own studio could allow you to take your work to a whole new level.
Having your own business means you get to be your own boss, have creative control and orchestrate every shoot in ways that feel best to you. You get to express your style and put your stamp of approval on every print. Yes, there’s a certain romanticism about owning your own photo studio, but before you dive in head first, it’s wise to consider both the pros and cons of having your own studio photography business!