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5 Simple Steps to Posing Families

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family of 4 posing outside

Do you have a large family photo album with vacation photos that all seems to be the same? Here is the line of family members next to Black Diamond ski lift. Here is another one of everyone lines up in front of Old Faithful. Here is one… well, you get the idea. Would you like to be able to take better family portraits and add some pizzazz to your albums? You might be surprised to learn it is not really as difficult as you might think.

How to Break the Rules of Photography Successfully

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Most photographers have a rebellious streak. If not, we’d all be engineers or mathematicians like our parents always wanted. Instead we took to spending excessive amounts of time in complete darkness, inordinate amounts of money on  cameras, studio equipment and Photoshop, and decided we wanted to snap photos of (sometimes unwilling) people and make a living doing it. The irony of this, as most artists can probably argue, is that as soon as you set off on your artistically-inclined rebellion, you encounter a laundry list of rules: the rule of thirds, rules about leading lines, color, and symmetry. And while all artistic fields do demand a certain element of structure, some of these rules are better off left behind.
Here are five rules of photography which are just begging for your leather-donning teenage alter-ego to break—at least once in awhile.

Studio vs. Outdoor Photography: Which Will Best Suit Your Photography?

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kids holding sign in grass

While some photographers may prefer one over the other, both studio photography and outdoor photography have their advantages. Which you choose will in large part depend on what the needs of you and your subject are. When you are shooting family photos or portrait photography, there are certainly many reasons to choose the studio over the great outdoors, but it is worth considering the pros and cons of both before making a final decision.

What to Do When a Photo Shoot Goes Wrong

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outdoor photographer shooting family portrait

So, the truth is that at some point, when doing location photography, something can and probably will go wrong at a photo shoot. While it’s not the intention here to dwell on the negative, awareness  and preparation can go a long way in handling any inevitable miscues and mishaps. Photo editing after the fact is a great cure to have in your back pocket for some issues, but other issues are best addressed with “an ounce of prevention.”

How to Avoid Unexpected Problems During a Photo Shoot

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photo shoot with female model on white background

Picture the perfect setup for a photography shoot — your equipment all ready to go, the weather conditions shaping up nicely and a great piece of scenery or an interesting subject to look forward to. Sadly, this perfect setup is quite rare in the world of photography, where something always seems to go wrong. As a photographer, you need to be prepared to handle whatever unexpected surprises are thrown your way. If you’re struggling to get past all the curve balls thrown your way during any given photo shoot, you may want to carefully examine your preparation process to see if you are unintentionally leaving out essential details.