Baby Photography: 5 Great Tips!

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baby with hat on sitting by orange backdrop

Having the ability to captivate and turn viewers to mush by their mere presence, babies hold the power to bring exuberance while adding stunning beauty to an otherwise mundane photograph. The other side of the coin of baby photography is that babies are immeasurably unpredictable, whiny and temperamental. They will keep you on your toes and try your patience. Below are just a few tips to baby proof your baby photo shoots.

Tip 1: Be Alert

In baby photography, you are at the mercy of your subject’s whims and moods, so you have to wait patiently until he or she is ready to give you the shot you want. This means that you will have to be ready to shoot at any given moment, so keep your finger on the shutter button at all times.

Tip 2: Choose a Friendly and Comforting Location

The best location to make the baby happy, comfortable and ready to deliver that perfect smile is in the studio where you can easily make adaptations to suit the needs of the baby. If you must shoot outdoors, find a way to make the location adaptable to the baby’s needs. Take along the baby’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket, or take the baby to the location before the shoot so he or she will be able to identify to the environment. Add costume props to create an adorable, unique portrait that everyone will love.

peas in a pod baby cocoon


Tip 3: Familiarize the Baby with the Camera Before You Begin the Shoot

Allow the baby to touch the camera, photo background, and props before you begin the shoot. Play games with the camera such as peek-a-boo to show that the camera is not something for the baby to fear. Ask parents to practice with friends and family in taking photographs of the baby, so the baby will become comfortable with people taking his or her photograph other than the parents.
baby on white photo background

Photo Courtesy of Russ Robinson

Tip 4: Make Sure You Have the Right Camera

Working with babies can require you to change your shooting method or possibly invest in some new studio equipment to get the right shot. A high shutter speed is a must in order to capture an active baby who is on the move. If possible, use a handheld camera. Better still, use a digital camera since you may need to take a large number of photographs to get the right shot.

Tip 5: Meet the Baby’s Eye Level

Shooting the baby at eye level will make the image more expressive while adding life and depth.

– Backdrop Express Photography Team

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