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green screen background If you are interested in taking photos of musicians, your photographic focus is probably promotional. In order to deliver exceptional pictures for magazines, billboards and posters, you need to capture the essence and personality of the artists. You can do this by following some simple preparation tips.

1. Get to Know Your Group

Even before you start looking for the perfect photographic background, you need to know the individual performers, their genre and their personas. You can gather this information by reading their bios or listening to their music. Attend a concert or read reviews online. The more you know, the better you can render the band’s image. After you have done some homework, schedule a meeting to gather in person information about what the band wants their photos to tell their audience.

2. Pick a Setting That Fits the Subject

Finding a good place to shoot your musician is valuable and it helps if you’re able to also get input from the musician. In some cases, a musician may already have a relationship with one or several local places where they play regularly. If they don’t, you can choose a studio background that appears to complement your musician’s style. A retro muslin backdrop can create a wild, fun tone to the photo. Another option is a studio shot in black and white. Using a black seamless paper background can have a dramatic effect with the right kind of lighting. If you group is known for playful antics, consider a photo session on a carousel or positioned on or around a jungle gym. More classical, conservative performers may opt for sophisticated surroundings. Another set solution is to find an unexpected location. If your band is willing, choose studio backgrounds that may be out-of-the-box for your band’s genre or that have nothing to do with their style. Or you can utilize a green screen backdrop to digitally enhance the background.

3. Schedule the Shoot

Popular artists have tight schedules. Select a time that allows one to two hours to complete the shoot. Remember you must be flexible. Arrive early and be prepared to start as soon as your group arrives.

4. Prepare for Flexibility

Impromptu photos are sometimes the best. Take as many natural shots as possible and look for winners hidden in the crowd. Allow the band to make changes and suggestions about the background fabric, props and colors if necessary. Music photography is fun and profitable. With advance planning, you can deliver exceptional promotional photographs.

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