Peel & Stick Baseboards: A Convenient & Lightweight Alternative to Wood Baseboard Props!

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Peel & Stick Baseboards Tired of dealing with clunky, hard-to-manage baseboards? Now you can have a variety of rustic and whimsical options right at your fingertips without the hassle of a traditional, heavy wood baseboards. We are happy to announce our new Peel & Stick Baseboards – a lightweight and convenient alternative photo prop that delivers just as realistic results as its traditional counterpart.

How Do They Work?

Simply peel & stick one of our new Baseboard Stickers to your backdrop, align the two halves & you’re ready to start shooting! These convenient stickers do not require clamps or stands to set up, just a backdrop to adhere to. The stickers are reusable several times and stick well to nearly all materials including  Poly Paper, Vinyl, Seamless Paper & Fabric. Plus, now that they’re 2 for just $20, you can afford to offer your clients a variety of fun and colorful baseboard props, instead of just 1 or 2 standard styles! Peel & Stick Baseboards

Woodgrain Style

A woodgrain style shows a realistic and rich baseboard. We offer 5 specific woodgrain styles in light ivories and deep browns to replicate the common living room look. Peel & Stick Baseboards

Distressed Style

A distressed style shows a rustic and weathered baseboard. We offer 5 specific distressed styles in white, gray and several brown colors to replicate a cozy cabin room. Peel & Stick Baseboards

Solid Color Style

A solid color style offers a simple but statement accessory to your portraits. We offer 5 colors like the essential white and black, as well as pink, red and teal where a nice pop of bold color is ideal. Peel & Stick Baseboards

Floral Style

A floral style sets a beautiful and whimsical baseboard look. We offer 5 floral styles in light pinks, blues and greens to deliver a feminine and sweet, spring look for your studio portraits. Peel & Stick Baseboards Do you use real wood baseboards in your studio? Let us know if you’d try out our lightweight and convenient Peel & Stick Baseboard photo props for an easier and sweeter look!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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