The Best Baby Wraps for Newborn Photography

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baby wraps for newborn photography When it comes to newborn photography, the props and accessories and the inspiration are endless. One essential prop for most photographers is are newborn wraps. Soft, cozy wraps and blankets can be snuggled around your newborn, offering comfort for them, as well as a cover over diapers for a polished look. If you’re in the market for beautiful new newborn accessories, stretch knit wraps, stretch lace wraps, mohair and cheesecloth are popular choices. These types of wraps can be used as a full baby wrap, diaper wrap, baby blanket or cocoon. If you’re new to newborn photography and aren’t sure which option you’d prefer, we’ll show off the details of each material style for you here!

Stretch Knit Wraps

Stretch Knit Wraps are  made of a soft, super stretchy open weave; made for ultimate comfort and breathability for your new model. They measure 60 in x 18 in unstretched. Stretch knit wraps have a more textured style than cheesecloths, and are able to be stretched super wide for a tight swaddle. We recommend knit wraps as the best unisex wrap choice as well.

newborn wraps for photographyFeaturing: Steel Blue Stretch Knit Wrap | Courtesy of Coco Captures

Stretch Lace Wraps

Stretch lace wraps are an alternative stretchy wrap option that offers a more elegant and classy style than the rugged look of stretch knit wraps. They are made of a soft lace fabric and are perfect for swaddling your new model. Available in 19 colors, you can find bright and bold or earth tone shades to match whatever portrait theme you have in mind. These wraps are very stretchy, and measure approximately 27 in x 39 in when unstretched.

newborn wraps for photographyFeaturing: Cyan Stretch Lace Wrap | Courtesy of Coco Captures

newborn wraps for photographyFeaturing: Olive Green Stretch Lace Wrap | Courtesy of Coco Captures

Mohair Wraps

If you’re looking for an accessory with intricate beauty, you’ll find it in our mohair wraps. These thick woven wraps are made of wool and plush cashmere for a stretchy open weave that gives breathable comfort in a romantic and sweet look for your new model. Our mohair measures about 16 in x 31 in unstretched.

newborn wraps for photographyFeaturing: White Mohair Wrap | Courtesy of Jessica Lacey Photography

newborn wraps for photographyFeaturing: Cotton Candy Mohair Wrap | Courtesy of Coco Captures

Cheesecloth Wraps

Cheesecloth wraps are a 100% cotton open weave material and can be made in multiple grades. BE cheesecloth wraps are available in a “Grade 10″ which has a lower threat count for a more rustic look, measuring 36″ x 56” with 20 x 12 threads per inch. Our “Grade 60″ is comprised of a higher thread count for a tighter weave and more polished look, measuring 36″ x 36” with 32 x 28 threads per inch. Cheesecloths give a rustic, rugged look with unfinished edges.

newborn wraps for photographyFeaturing: Clear Water Cheesecloth, Grade 60 | Courtesy of Jamie Boeckmann Photography

newborn wraps for photographyFeaturing: Purple Orchid Cheesecloth, Grade 10

While all four of our wrap style options are available in a rainbow of beautiful colors, we recommend trying out a few colors of each material for your upcoming newborn sessions to determine your and your clients’ style preferences!

 -Backdrop Express Photography Team

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