Best Backdrops for High School Senior Pictures

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Grunge & Urban Backdrops One of the biggest trends in senior portraits is to venture out with subjects to locations such as old buildings, abandoned lots and other urban and rustic settings. This is done to capture the striking contrast between a well-dressed senior and an artfully weathered setting. However, for a variety of reasons, this isn’t always possible or realistic; changing weather and lighting conditions alone can ruin a location senior portrait session, causing stress, delays and mixed results.

Urban Grunge in the Studio

Fortunately, studio portrait sessions for high schoolers can help to eliminate these variables, and there are now more cool, contemporary and grunge backdrop styles that fit the bill than ever. These backdrops are allowing discerning photographers and seniors to achieve that edgy, urban, or “grunge” look without the stress and hassle.

Computer printed backdrop technology has paved the way for hundreds of hip, trendy designs in the studio. Urban scenes, grunge patterns and brick and wooden walls allow for highly realistic effects. Vintage and grunge backgrounds can be perfect for high school seniors who are going for unique and memorable portraits to give to friends and family members and post to social media. Most seniors want something as far away from plain or outdated, and grunge backdrops are the best way to accomplish this in the studio.

How can you use grunge backdrops in your studio to please both seniors and their parents? Here are some ideas and examples to get you started:

1. Brick Backdrops

A brick wall that has seen better days can make for portrait design gold in senior pictures. This Mint Brick Backdrop is all but obscured by chipping paint, cement patches and weathering cracks, but it can be the perfect contrasting look to seniors dressed up in stylish outfits.

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Urban & Grunge Backdrops

2. Industrial Backdrops

Our Industrial Grunge Backdrop brings an artfully weathered and rusted wall into your studio without the risk of getting dirty or scraping up against one of those hard edges. It creates the perfect illusion of a raw, grungy space, and your posing seniors will look great next to it.

Urban & Grunge Backdrops

3. Mural Backdrops

Now there’s no need to travel to gritty neighborhoods or set up underneath highway overpasses to bring artful graffiti into your senior portraits. This incredible backdrop showcases the best in urban graffiti and hip hop artistic style. If your seniors are music lovers, they’ll definitely want a shot or two in front of this amazing Music Mural Printed Backdrop.

Urban & Grunge Backdrops

4. Sequin Backdrops

For your more “fancy” and glamorous seniors, the Teal Sequin Backdrop can create the perfect atmosphere. This beautiful backdrop is not computer printed — it actually features hundreds of bight sequins attached to the cloth. Add some sparkle to your senior portrait shoots with this dazzling background.

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Sequin Backdrops

5. Old Masters Backdrops

Old Masters is back! This seemingly traditional mottled pattern that has been used for plain school yearbook shots for decades, is making a comeback. Spice it up with lots of different color patterns, including neon green or blazing red, to rediscover the versatile look of the Old Masters print.

Old Masters Backdrops

6. Distressed Backdrops

The Metal Bolts Printed Backdrop is truly hardcore urban grunge at its finest. Guys will love it, and the girls just might be surprised at the artistic feel their photos can convey in front of this creative and realistic drop. Patterned rivets and a look of artistic corrosion combine for a highly-cool urban grunge effect.

Grunge & Urban Backdrops

Lastly, make the most of your sessions by really listening to what your seniors are going for in their portraits. Connect with them on social media before the session and put them at ease; some seniors actually get quite nervous before their session. Letting them know you want this to be a collaborative effort will help them to relax and be at their very best during the shoot. Be conversational and friendly throughout the shoot — and don’t be afraid to inject a little humor to get them to lighten up and have fun.

Hip, cutting-edge senior portraits are no longer only possible by venturing out to dirty, sometimes hazardous locations. Use these professionally printed backdrops to take your senior pictures to amazing places, all from the comfort of your own studio. Seniors and their parents will appreciate the versatility of these convenient background choices, and the results will speak for themselves.

What styles of studio backdrops do your senior portrait clients ask for?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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