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Best Backdrops for Graduation Photos

Best Backdrops for Graduation Photos

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Group Photography, Photography Backdrops, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography, Printed Backdrops, Studio Photography

Best Backdrops for Graduation Photos Graduation is a giant milestone for many teenagers and young adults. This moment of immense achievement will require a massive amount of photos, both before and after the ceremony. While most photographers prefer to take photos outdoors of soon-to-be grads, there may be times that the weather or location won’t allow for the best scene for a photo. Luckily, there are a variety of photography backdrops that are perfect for taking graduation photos.

Using Photography Backdrops for Graduation Photos

Most graduation photos are taken with the subject dressed in their cap & gown doing various poses in front of beautiful scenery, brick walls, or near their school but when scenery is unavailable, it is still possible to achieve these looks in a studio with a graduation backdrop.

Scenic Printed Backdrops

Scenic Printed Backdrops are an ideal solution to getting several beautiful shots of the graduate on several different types of scenes quickly. In most cases, we recommend using some sort of octagon shaped soft box kit with the subject standing at least 5 feet from the backdrop to create a realistic looking scene in the background. There are no limits to where the graduate could be and with the correct lighting, you can transform your studio into a beautiful scene for you soon to be grad! Scenic Graduation Photo

Solid Colored Backdrops

Using a solid colored backdrop can provide a simple, yet unique option for adding a pop of color to your graduate’s photo shoot. Both Seamless Paper and Solid Colored Fabric Backdrops are great backdrops since they both offer a large variety of colors with many shades. You can match the colors to the graduate’s school or they can choose their favorite color.

Abstract & Mottled Backdrops

Muslin Backdrops are extremely popular because of their textured, mottled look. However due to their size and material, they can be filled with wrinkles that can be difficult to iron out. If you are looking for a mottled look in a wrinkle free option, we recommend using Abstract & Mottled Printed Backdrops. These backdrops create a textured and mottled look easily without the hassle and bulk of a muslin backdrop. Mottled Printed Backdrop for Graduate Photos

Brick Wall & Wood Backdrops

Brick and wood walls are a neutral background and are great for capturing more natural poses. Since wood and brick tend to be of a muted color, it’s less likely that they will clash with the graduates outfit or gown. With printed brick wall and wood backdrops, they photograph extremely realistic and because they are printed on a light, easy to carry material, they can be quickly set up anywhere and be changed out swiftly. Brick Wall Backdrop from Backdrop Express

Printed and Custom Backdrops

If scenic, solid colored, muslin, and/or abstract mottled backdrops don’t appeal to the graduate or their parents, there is still a variety of Printed Backdrop that can be a viable option. Custom Printed Backdrops can be an image printed on a backdrop or a step and repeat can be made with the graduate’s graduation year, school, and name. These backdrops provide the ultimate experience for the graduate and makes the photo shoot truly about them and their accomplishments. Custom Backdrop for Graduate Photos

Chalkboard Printed Backdrops

Chalkboard printed backdrops are a trouble free way to get the popular chalkboard look without having to do any DIY projects or purchasing a chalkboard. Chalkboard Printed Backdrops save you and your model the trouble and potential mess of having to write or erase anything from a physical board.  

What tips would you give a photographer shooting graduation photos?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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