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8 Best Tips to Child Photography | Photographic Backdrop Blog

8 Best Tips to Child Photography

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Portrait Photography

blonde girl on white photography backdrop

As a photographer you will come across a variety of subjects. Some of those subjects may be easier to work with than others. Child photography can be one of the toughest portrait sessions you may encounter. Let’s take a look at some tips which may help make a portrait session with children much easier.

1. Get Involved

The more you interact with the child, the more relaxed she will be. Since it is nearly impossible to get a child to sit still for more than five minutes, you may want to get up and run around with her to get her comfortable with you.

2. Show Them in Action

Get the child moving and active. The child will appear more relaxed in the photograph and we guarantee you will have unlimited smiles to capture. Just make sure that you set your ISO a bit higher.

little girl laughing holding cake on green backdrop

3. Choose the Best Location

When selecting a location to do a photo shoot with a child you must consider everything, including location, foregrounds and backgrounds. Consider shooting the photos at the beach, local park or near a creek. Or if you are in a studio, using a fun or colorful photo background such as a retro muslin or  bright yellow backdrop can make for a fun shoot.

4. Be Quick

There is no taking your time when shooting a child. They are always on the move and the more time you take to set up the shot, the faster you lose it. Try to set up the camera, lighting equipment and everything else you need before the child arrives.

5. Be Patient

Because you cannot simply tell a child to sit and expect her to do so, it is important to have tons of patience when working with a child. Do not get upset with the child. With patience you must also remember to be prepared. Be ready to shoot that one-second out-of-this-world smile before it is too late. If they have a special toy or blanket they will not let go of, try to incorporate it into your shots, instead of forcing them to leave it out (you probably wouldn’t like the reaction).

young boy laying in grass holding soccer ball

6. Choose Equipment

Though it is suggested and best to use a longer lens when shooting portraits, try using a shorter one when shooting children. Try using a 50mm lens that is focused close to the child’s face. You’ll want to capture their soft features with tons of close ups and facial shots.

7. Focus on the Child

Make the child the focal point of the portrait. Try different techniques, such as blurring the background so the child stands out from it.

8. Bring a Helper

Do not attempt to shoot a child alone. Bring someone who can help you move the children around, get them to laugh and help move your camera equipment around.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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