Black & White Photography With Black Backdrops

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baby's feet on black backdrop

An alternative to eye-popping color in photography is the other extreme, which is the ever-striking use of black and white photography. So much sumptuously beautiful photography is set in black and white, making your subject the centerpiece of the photograph by bringing out your subject’s defining facial characteristics. The digital camera makes it simple to experiment with black and white since you won’t need to purchase special film. You will be able to set your digital camera to the black and white setting or change the image in post-production. When you take your black and white photo against a black background, you accentuate even more detail in your black and white photos.

1. Black Clothing

Ask your subject to wear black clothing to the photo shoot. Black clothing will further enhance black photo backdrops and help to bring out rich detail in your subject. For example, a close-fitting turtleneck or long-sleeved pullover will work.

portrait of mysterious man on black backdrop

2. Light Positioning

Position your photo light according to the number of subjects and their placement in front of your backdrop. Place your main light about 3′ from your subject at a 45 degree angle position. Place the second light at your subject’s eye level. If your subject’s hair color is dark, construct a separation between her and the studio backdrop. Direct the light toward her hair, up toward the top of her head. You will need a hair light for each subject with dark hair in the photograph.

3. Black & White Camera Settings

Set your camera to black and white to see the preview of the shot and ensure that there are no shadows. If there are shadows, move your subject closer to your photo backdrop.

woman holding camera on black backdrop

4. Editing Software

Use editing software to test for and remove any shadows left over from the photo shoot. Airbrush the photos with your editing software tools.

5. Solid Photo Frame

Insert the photographs into a monotone frame to highlight the timeless visual impact and present them to your client.

How do you prepare your set up for black and white photography?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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