Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget

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Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget | Backdrop Express Blog It may be tough to admit it, but price is a key consideration for most photographers when buying their photography equipment. No matter what the level of experience, cost matters, and higher photography equipment costs mean less profits. We’d all love to be able to buy the best of everything, but having a budget is a reality for most photographers, from camera equipment to studio gear. In this article, we’ll explore how to stick to a budget and still get great results when purchasing photography backgrounds.

When it comes to photo backgrounds, there’s a wide range of choices, products, prices and options. You can find everything from economy and value-oriented backdrops in small sizes to large, handmade specialty backdrops. Backdrop Express‘ current selection of photography backdrops caters to all budgets and levels of expertise. Being able to recognize the difference in backdrop types can help you to choose the best products for your current needs. As you gain experience and experiment with new styles, you’ll determine the best materials, colors and designs that best fit your niche.

Seamless Paper: A Versatile Option

There are a few backdrop choices that can fit the bill across just about any budget. Seamless paper is one of them; it is a solid staple for any photo studio, and a number of photographers use it exclusively. Seamless paper is a great option for any type of photography and is especially helpful for smaller budgets since it is relatively inexpensive. Higher-budget photographers might consider stocking and experimenting with a large number of different paper backdrop colors so that they will always be able to present a range of options to their clients.

Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget | Backdrop Express BlogBone Seamless Paper | Photo by My Lil Britches Photography

Limited Budget

New photographers or students working on a limited budget are prime candidates for economy backdrops. One of the best-value backdrop lines is our solid color fabric backdrops. They are available in a vast array of great colors and are economically sized around 5′ x 9′ (although larger sizes are available.) They work very well for photographers who are working in small studio spaces and just don’t have the space to hang a full-sized backdrop. These durable, wrinkle-resistant backdrops start at just $28.95.

As for backdrop stands, the BE Starter Stand is an excellent choice for beginners on a budget. It is a lightweight, compact stand that is easily set up by just one person. This is a great option for mom photographers, students working from home studios, or photographers that are continually on the go from location to location. Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget | Backdrop Express Blog A photography studio kit is a great economy option as well; these economical kits offer 2 to 3 of the fabric backdrops mentioned above along with with a BE Starter Stand for an extra discount on bundling. This kit will help new photographers to stock up their studios without breaking the bank.

Mid-Level Budget

Photographers who have a few years of experience, have found their niche and are able to afford investing more in their gear are likely ready to upgrade. A higher-end hanging and display option for mid-level budgets is the Pro Backdrop Stand. It is a sturdier, more reliable stand that can support larger, heavier backdrops. Consider adding more seamless paper colors to your arsenal, and invest in some portable backdrops to add to your “location photography” supplies. If you like the look and feel of muslin backdrops, consider choosing an attractive style in either gray, brown or blue (or one of each for an excellent core collection of colors.) Hand-painted muslins are individually painted in modeled, rich patterns to give portraits a timeless, elegant look.

Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget | Backdrop Express BlogCranberry Washed Muslin | Photo by Ryan Walsh

Higher Budget

For photographers open to investing whatever it takes to enhance their studio work, there is a wide range of photo backdrop options. Established, formal portrait studios often have a vast selection of hand-painted muslins in a variety of colors and styles on hand to meet any client request. Experienced photographers may want to stock up on seamless paper color options for an almost endless backdrop selection. Floor drops are another piece of studio equipment that can give portraits a fun, unique, “grunge” or vintage look.

Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget | Backdrop Express BlogGray Pine Floordrop| Photo by Halley’s Photography

The decision between lower price and higher quality can be a tough one, but all of these backdrop options are a solid investment for your photography career. Whatever your budget or level of experience, there is a photography background solution for you.

Did you start your photography career on a very limited budget? What were your top gear priorities?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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