Caring for Your Photography Backdrops

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Photo Credit: Aqua Photo

Photography backdrops are an important asset to every photographer’s business. Knowing how to care for your backdrops will increase the life and quality of your investment. Some backdrops are machine washable, some require just sponge cleaning and others are expendable. Here are our comments and suggestions of how to care for your backdrops.

Canvas Backgrounds

Canvas Backdrops are:
    • Easily spot cleaned with damp sponge.
    • Suited for long-lasting professional use when stored hanging straight.

*Never apply water to hand painted canvas backdrops. Autumn Canvas BackdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

Vinyl Backgrounds

Vinyl Backdrops are:
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Known for their long lasting, durable matte finish.
  • Cleaned by using a damp sponge to wash off soil marks.

Seamless Background Paper

Seamless Paper Backdrops are:
  • Easy to use and inexpensive.
  • Kept in best shape by careful positioning and placing of props, posing equipment and subjects to minimize foot prints and soil marks.
  • Expendable. Simply cut off and discard sections that become overly soiled, or unsightly due to footprints and other normal wear and tear.

woman on yellow seamless paper backgroundPhoto by Ryan Walsh

Solid Colored Muslin Backdrops

Solid Colored Muslin Backdrops are:
  • Machine washable. We suggest using cold water, mild detergent (absolutely no Oxy-Clean! ), on a very gentle cycle.
  • Hang dried for best results.

Crushed and Painted Muslin Backdrops

Crushed Muslin and Hand Painted Muslin are:
  • Cleaned by using a damp sponge to easily wipe dirt spots and soil marks.
  • Hang dried for best results.

girl posing on crushed muslin backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

Please note:
  • Washable backdrops should not be washed too frequently, or color fading and quality diminishing can occur.
  • Dampen your sponges in warm water and use very little soap. Soaking the soiled area before sponging is also beneficial. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals as they can damage your backdrop.

What photography backdrop is easiest for you to manage?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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