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Caring for Your New Photography Floordrops | Backdrop Express

Caring for Your New Photography Floordrops

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Floordrops, Storage & Care, Studio Equipment

Caring for Your New Photography Floordrops | Backdrop Express Blog Photography floordrops are a relatively new innovation in the world of photography backdrops. Different from traditional backdrops, they offer the convincing look of a variety of different floor textures printed on them, including tile, stone, brick, metal, and many types of wood grain. These drops offer the versatility of changing out the look of your flooring as often as you wish, and they can also double as artistic backdrops used in the traditional manner behind the subject.

However, instead of fabric, Backdrop Express floordrops are printed on a thick, non-slip polyester material that is similar to a car floormat or office chair mat. This unique material is thick enough to avoid indentations when walked on, but light enough to easily roll up for storage or transport. Each floordrop features a 1.5 mm non-slip rubber backing and is available in 3 sizes: 4ft x 5ft, 5ft x 7ft and 8ft x 8ft. Some of the many features that photographers love about floordrops include:

Highly Realistic

Backdrop Express photography floordrops photograph very realistically. Those who view your photos will have no reason not to believe the texture shown is the real deal.

Smooth Surface

Despite this convincing illusion of a textured surface, photography floordrops are completely smooth. Floordrops are shipped rolled in order to avoid creasing or wrinkling. Once you receive your order, for best use lay the floordrop out flat overnight to allow it to “settle” and flatten out, reducing curl at the edges. Any bowing and curling will reduce over time as you use it. Floordrops photograph best when laid out completely flat, such as on a hard, uniform surface.

Durable and Portable

Photography floordrops are made of heavy-duty polyester and can withstand frequent use. They feature a non-slip rubber backing so they’ll stay exactly where you put them for the duration of your shoot. They are also highly portable and roll up easily for efficient transport to your location shoots.

Caring for Your New Photography Floordrops | Backdrop Express BlogPink Classic Tile Floordrop

Cleaning Your Photography Floordrops

Cleanup of these innovative photography backdrops is a breeze — simply wipe up any dirt or marks with a damp sponge and a bit of mild detergent. The polyester material resists smudging and can be restored to its original look with regular light cleanings.

Storage Tips

Always roll your floordrop back up after your shoot and store it away to minimize wear and tear; it can be easily leaned vertically in a corner or against a wall. Storing it away from foot traffic between uses will prevent extra foot prints, smudges and dirt marks. It will also help to keep your floordrop as smooth and even as possible, with no wrinkles or creases.

Shooting With Your Photography Floordrop

The following is a checklist of basic tips for achieving optimal results while shooting with your photography floordrop:

Before your shoot:
  • For best use, the night before your shoot, lay the backdrop out flat to allow it to smooth out and reduce curling at the edges. The drop can be weighted down with some books or other heavy objects as well if some bending or bowing is still occurring; however, this will reduce on its own over time.
  • Floordrops photograph best and most realistically when they are able to lay out completely flat. It is ideal to place it on hard flooring rather than carpet or another mat.
During your shoot:
  • Respect your floordrop during the shoot and prevent footprints by asking your model to wipe his/her feet before stepping onto it. You might provide a rug or welcome mat for their convenience.

Caring for Your New Photography Floordrops | Backdrop Express BlogStained Wood Floordrop

After your shoot:
  • Wipe away any residue, footprints or scuff marks with a damp sponge and mild detergent after each use.
  • Always roll the floordrop back up after your shoot and store it vertically. This will prevent extra foot prints and dirt marks, keeping the floordrop as smooth as possible between uses.
Photography floordrops can add a whole new dimension of realism to your photography. Textures like wood grain, stone, brick, tile, industrial metal and even sports fields are all readily available, and you have the option of changing the look of your flooring whenever you wish. You can also hang floordrops as traditional photography backdrops behind the subject to create a realistic textured wall or an innovative, artistic effect. Follow these care and handling tips, and enjoy great results with your floordrops for years to come.

Do you have any floordrops in your studio? How often do you use them?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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