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Best Backdrops for Graduation Photos

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Best Backdrops for Graduation Photos Graduation is a giant milestone for many teenagers and young adults. This moment of immense achievement will require a massive amount of photos, both before and after the ceremony. While most photographers prefer to take photos outdoors of soon-to-be grads, there may be times that the weather or location won’t allow for the best scene for a photo. Luckily, there are a variety of photography backdrops that are perfect for taking graduation photos.

Tips for Successful Prom Photography

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Tips for Successful Prom Photography | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Proms are a significant event in the lives of high schoolers — a sort of coming-of-age that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Photographing for prom can also be a significant money-maker for photographers as well. Event photography, like prom photography, has its own unique set of challenges, but if you’re prepared, the evening will flow smoothly and you’re likely to be invited back next year and recommended to to other schools. A prom photographer should focus on giving these young adults the best experience possible, from setup to final results. Here are some of the must-know tips for having successful prom photography experience :

5 Tips for Capturing The Best Photo Booth Snapshots!

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Photo Booth Props A photo booth seems to give people an instant license to show off their silly sides with friends, loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers. Photo booths at parties and events can be a recipe for fun times for your photography clients and, ideally, some shareable, keepsake photos. Unfortunately, the great majority of photo booth photos tend to have a “sameness” about them; people make the same basic funny faces and may use a few requisite photo booth props. However, whether you run a traditional or open-air photo booth, more creativity in your photos is possible. Use these five tips to help take your photo booth photography from ordinary to awesome:

5 Best Tips for an Awesome Photo Booth Backdrop

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Photo Booth Backdrops The photo booth is back, and it’s come a long way since the days of the dime store model that spit out a strip of four B&W head shots. While that type of vintage photo booth can bring a fun and retro vibe to an occasion, modern photo booths are capable of so much more. The photo booths of today shoot in full color and are outfitted with high-tech touchscreen displays. They use the latest in high resolution photo printing technology, and some even have the ability to take high-definition videos. With all of these new innovations, it shouldn’t surprise you that photo booth backdrops have come a long way as well. Photo booths of old usually came with just one solid color sheet; today, the sky’s the limit. Why not have numerous backdrop styles on hand to satisfy any taste or preference? The following are some of the most popular and eye-catching photo booth backdrop choices available today:

What Are Mommy and Me Photo Sessions?

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What are Mommy and Me Portraits? | Backdrop Express Blog All too often, Mom acts as just the photographer of family memories, always behind the camera, never in the photos. Mommy and me portrait photography sessions are an opportunity to change all that, allowing Mom to become an integral part of images that depict the loving, timeless bond between mother and child. Mommy and me photo shoots are special, intimate sessions that feature a mother with her child or children. The results of the shoot can make great gifts for Dad, grandparents, godparents, friends or Mom herself. The photos can be given out over the holidays or as a “just-because” gift any time of the year. Mommy and me photography isn’t just for little ones; this specialized type of portrait photography can work wonderfully with children of any age. Following are some tips for successful mother and child portrait sessions:

Groups & Family Portraits: 11 Group Photography Tips

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11 Tips for Groups & Family Portraits | Backdrop Express Blog

Taking captivating group portraits can be challenging for photographers. It may seem like something unexpected always happens a split second before the shutter snaps: a sneeze, a laugh, or a nudge between friends that compromises the quality of the photo.  A few common errors can appear in group photos. Whether you are in the studio posing before a photo backdrop or if you are gathered at a family reunion, you should do your research and be well-prepared before the shoot.

Preparing for Family Portraits

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christmas-family-portrait Family portraits help document the history of a family from early on. Some families opt for an annual portrait, some less frequently. Regardless, having a family a portrait taken is a big event, and all family members should be fully prepared for what’s involved. Optimal preparation includes physical, mental and emotional components, as well as key photography tips. Both the parents and the photographer can contribute to all family members being prepared for family portraits. The result will be a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come: