10 Tips to Make Your Halloween Pictures Stand Out

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10 Tips to Make Your Halloween Pictures Stand Out | Backdrop Express Blog

There’s certainly no shortage of subject matter for Halloween pictures, from creepily-carved jack o’ lanterns to elaborate decorations to hordes of costumed revelers and trick or treaters. Adults spent a staggering $1.4 billion on costumes in 2012, and that’s not even counting $1.1 billion for kids (and $370 million for pet costumes.) Americans of all ages love Halloween — it affords them the opportunity to be adventurous, creative, and even go a little wild. Consider these 10 photography tips for spine-chilling photos on Halloween:

5 Special Tips for Photographing Puppies

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Photographing Puppies There aren’t many other photography subjects that elicit more gasps, sighs and general doting than those of sweet and lovable puppies. Puppy photos bring out the softy in some of the most seasoned curmudgeons. Like babies and kittens, photos of puppies reach a vulnerable spot in most people. The same qualities that make us love looking at photos of puppies are the same qualities that often make it difficult to take puppy photos that make viewers swoon. Whether it is running and bounding, rampant licking, attempting to get to your camera to give it a nibble, or general puppy attention deficit disorder (PADD), capturing your canine subject may prove more challenging than you thought possible.

7 Fun (and Spooky!) Ideas for Halloween Backdrops

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Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Outside of Christmas, Halloween is one of the most anticipated children’s holidays. There are few things kids love more than being able to dress up as someone (or something) else for a day and getting free candy in the process. Some kids plan their Halloween costumes for months in advance, narrowing it down to their favorite superhero or current pop culture icon and then assembling the perfect design elements. With all of the thought, time and effort went into their costume, why not mark the occasion with fun Halloween backdrops worthy of how awesome they look? Whether you’re having a Halloween party or just want to capture your ghosts and goblins before they head out for trick or treating, a Halloween backdrop will set the scene for photos to treasure.

Using Posing Fabrics for Better Newborn Photos

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Newborn Posing Fabrics There is no better place to photograph newborns than in the studio! Your photo studio allows your clients a guaranteed quiet, warm environment with attractive lighting and no time limits to work against. As we know, newborns are pretty unpredictable and so it’s always best practice to prepare several different backdrop and prop setups, set aside a few hours to make sure you have ample time for feeding and cry breaks, and recruit someone (a trusted assistant or the parent) for help with posing to ensure you are able to capture a solid foundation of successful images. While there’s a plethora of newborn backdrops, props and posing aids available for baby photographers,  a couple trendy pieces are lace and vintage linen posing fabrics. These fabrics are our new go-to materials for newborn photo shoots!

Sibling Portraits: 5 Go-To Poses for Brothers & Sisters

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studio portraits for siblings Sometimes when you’re working with siblings, particularly with brothers and sisters close in age, it can be challenging to find great poses for them that will capture their personality and the close sibling bond, but still keep the photos natural and not look forced. You may also be faced with the sibling rivalry challenge, especially for younger brothers and sisters. The key is to be patient, but also come armed with a few “go-to” poses. We’ve compiled a list of strong poses and ideas to help you get a feel for their personality and their relationship with each other during your studio photo shoot.

3 Traits to Consider When Matching Your Backdrop to Your Model

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photography backdrops A good background is one that highlights the subject and strengthens the portrait style without distracting or overpowering the image. This doesn’t mean a bold backdrop can’t stand out, as long as it’s aligned with the message and theme the photographer is aiming to portray. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the focus on the model by eliminating a backdrop that distracts from your subject. With thousands of photography backdrops in an array of materials, colors, patterns, textures and designs on the market today, it can be daunting to begin searching for the “perfect backdrop” for your next photo shoot. We recommend starting with your model: his/her physical traits (as well as personality) can help you narrow down your studio backdrop choices to a few that will complement and strengthen their intended look.

10 Great Tips for Photographing Men

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Photographing Men

You thought photographing children was challenging? How about men! While children can at times be too relaxed around a camera, many men are are not relaxed enough. Certainly not all men are like this, but in general they seem to have a harder time loosening up in front of the camera. The good news is there are some photography tips and techniques that can help maximize your chances of getting great shots with men. Whether its portrait photography or informal shots, here are some tips for photographing men: