Styling with Newborn Posing Braids

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500702401 (1) While posing newborn babies in delicate, sweet poses is one of the most fun aspects of working a newborn photo shoot, it can also be one of the more difficult, patience-testing tasks. Luckily, there are innumerable posing props and aids out there to help assist with special positions that can take your newborn portrait styling to the next level. Accessories like posing braids, wraps, blankets, bowls, and hats are other types of essential newborn props that help enhance styling. Warm, neutral colors complement a new baby’s skin tone for a beautiful soft, look.

10 Fun Graduation Poses!

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graduation photos It’s that time of year again… we’re talking about graduation! If you’re a senior portrait photographer, you know what teens want: creative, cute, colorful and classy senior portraits that they can show off to their friends and family, plaster over social media and hang in their halls. Oftentimes parents have a significant say in the graduation backdrops, location and styling of their soon-to-be-graduate to ensure they receive those classic looks they can mail off to grandparents. Encourage your high school senior to bring along their cap and gown to their photo session, and collaborate on some utterly spontaneous, goofy or clever poses to show off their young and free spirit. Here are 10 fun graduation poses to try out this year!

How to Choose the Right Backdrop Stand

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How to Choose the Right Backdrop Stand | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

According to, people today snap more photos in two minutes than they did in an entire year during the 1800s. However, many of these photos are taken with cell phones and the unpredictable quality of these shots only serves to illustrate the value of quality studio and portrait photography. A backdrop stand is a necessity for hanging and using photo backdrops for maximum results in studio photography. If you’re new to photography or aren’t sure of how to choose the right backdrop stand from Backdrop Express, this overview of highlights and features can help you to zero in on the perfect system for your needs:

How to Make Your Photo Studio Welcoming to Clients

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Photo Studio Is your photo studio conveying the message you want to send to clients, potential customers and even your employees? Does your studio photography setting offer a warm, friendly yet professional vibe to people from the moment they set foot in the door to while they’re posing in front of your camera? Every decision you make about your business sends a message, right down to your carpeting and wall paint choices. First impressions count, and while a thoughtfully-designed reception area and studio can make people feel at ease, clutter and carelessness can have an off-putting, even repelling effect.

10 Best Backdrops for Spring Portraits

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Spring Backdrops Springtime is the best time! For beautiful, fresh portraits of your little ones or the whole family, that is. If you’re offering spring photo packages this season, are you planning out special themed setups in your studio? We offer a full line of spring backdrops from bright scenics to pastel patterns that can help set the perfect scene for your adorable models. Here are 10 of our favorite customer-submitted photos featuring spring backdrops!

The Best Baby Wraps for Newborn Photography

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baby wraps for newborn photography When it comes to newborn photography, the props and accessories and the inspiration are endless. One essential prop for most photographers is are newborn wraps. Soft, cozy wraps and blankets can be snuggled around your newborn, offering comfort for them, as well as a cover over diapers for a polished look. If you’re in the market for beautiful new newborn accessories, stretch knit wraps, stretch lace wraps, mohair and cheesecloth are popular choices. These types of wraps can be used as a full baby wrap, diaper wrap, baby blanket or cocoon. If you’re new to newborn photography and aren’t sure which option you’d prefer, we’ll show off the details of each material style for you here!

How to Fill a Newborn Beanbag Poser

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newborn beanbag poser Newborn beanbag posers are a helpful tool for newborn photographers shooting posed portraits. These large and comfortable but firm cushioners act as a sturdy, elevated base for positioning newborn babies in various poses. Backdrop Express offers a full line of newborn posing pillows and beanbags that are suitable for helping position babies in a variety of popular poses. Once you’ve ordered your new posing accessories, you’ll need to fill them! There are several recommended options for filler materials, like polyester stuffing, plastic pellets, polystyrene beads or even rice. Beanbag fill can be purchased at many big box stores or online.