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Tips for Successful Prom Photography

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Group Photography, Photographer Tips, Portrait Photography

Tips for Successful Prom Photography | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Proms are a significant event in the lives of high schoolers — a sort of coming-of-age that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Photographing for prom can also be a significant money-maker for photographers as well. Event photography, like prom photography, has its own unique set of challenges, but if you’re prepared, the evening will flow smoothly and you’re likely to be invited back next year and recommended to to other schools.

A prom photographer should focus on giving these young adults the best experience possible, from setup to final results. Here are some of the must-know tips for having successful prom photography experience :

3 Traits to Consider When Matching Your Backdrop to Your Model

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Model Photography, Photography Backdrops, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography

photography backdrops A good background is one that highlights the subject and strengthens the portrait style without distracting or overpowering the image. This doesn’t mean a bold backdrop can’t stand out, as long as it’s aligned with the message and theme the photographer is aiming to portray. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the focus on the model by eliminating a backdrop that distracts from your subject. With thousands of photography backdrops in an array of materials, colors, patterns, textures and designs on the market today, it can be daunting to begin searching for the “perfect backdrop” for your next photo shoot. We recommend starting with your model: his/her physical traits (as well as personality) can help you narrow down your studio backdrop choices to a few that will complement and strengthen their intended look.

10 Great Tips for Photographing Men

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Portrait Photography

Photographing Men

You thought photographing children was challenging? How about men! While children can at times be too relaxed around a camera, many men are are not relaxed enough. Certainly not all men are like this, but in general they seem to have a harder time loosening up in front of the camera. The good news is there are some photography tips and techniques that can help maximize your chances of getting great shots with men. Whether its portrait photography or informal shots, here are some tips for photographing men:

Photographing Kids: Inspiration for Posing Boys

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Baby & Child Photography, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography

posing boys Baby and kid photographers don’t have it easy when it comes to working with subjects and posing. When the perfect smile is captured in one shot amidst 100 other blurred faces as your model darts away, it can get tiring! Full of energy and an inquisitive nature, young boys take tact and patience to guide them through a successful portrait session. Here are 7 simple tips to keep in mind when photographing and posing boys to capture fun and genuine portraits.

What’s the Difference Between Actor, Model & Business Headshots?

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Model Photography, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography

What's the Difference Between Actor, Model & Business Headshots? | Backdrop Express Photography Blog Headshots are a staple of portrait and studio photography, but not all are created equal. Clients from different industries and walks of life can come to a photographer in search of a new set of headshots every so often; however, depending upon their industry and aspirations, the mood, setting and style will be very different — at least, it should be, if the photographer is aware of key considerations and tips to keep in mind. Sometimes clients aren’t exactly sure what they want or need. Many require assistance with their wardrobe, hair and makeup choices as well as posing and facial expressions. Photography background selection, lighting setup, composition and technique will influence the shot as well. It is the photographer’s responsibility to take the reins and guide the shoot to a successful result. However, the foundation of a successful headshot is rooted in the intent for its use. Is it a corporate or business headshot, or is it for a model or actor? Is the actor aiming for a commercial market or movie roles? Here are some basic tips for getting great results for the primary types of headshots:

Birthday Backgrounds: 7 Fun Photo Booth Party Themes

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Baby & Child Photography, Photography Backdrops, Portrait Photography, Printed Backdrops

Birthday Backgrounds: 7 Fun Photo Booth Party Themes | Backdrop Express Kids’ birthdays are major milestones. The younger they are, the more impactful the day is for them. To make your child’s birthday party a truly memorable occasion, a party theme can really bring it all together. Decorations, games, activities, snacks, a photo booth, presents and, of course, a birthday cake will all help to make the day special, but party themes that tie all of these elements together are what your child and the guests will remember the most. One of the best ways to convey party themes is with special birthday backgrounds.

10 Fun Graduation Poses!

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Portrait Photography

graduation photos It’s that time of year again… we’re talking about graduation! If you’re a senior portrait photographer, you know what teens want: creative, cute, colorful and classy senior portraits that they can show off to their friends and family, plaster over social media and hang in their halls. Oftentimes parents have a significant say in the graduation backdrops, location and styling of their soon-to-be-graduate to ensure they receive those classic looks they can mail off to grandparents. Encourage your high school senior to bring along their cap and gown to their photo session, and collaborate on some utterly spontaneous, goofy or clever poses to show off their young and free spirit. Here are 10 fun graduation poses to try out this year!