10 Fun Graduation Poses!

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graduation photos It’s that time of year again… we’re talking about graduation! If you’re a senior portrait photographer, you know what teens want: creative, cute, colorful and classy senior portraits that they can show off to their friends and family, plaster over social media and hang in their halls. Oftentimes parents have a significant say in the graduation backdrops, location and styling of their soon-to-be-graduate to ensure they receive those classic looks they can mail off to grandparents. Encourage your high school senior to bring along their cap and gown to their photo session, and collaborate on some utterly spontaneous, goofy or clever poses to show off their young and free spirit. Here are 10 fun graduation poses to try out this year!

Best Backdrops for High School Senior Pictures

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Grunge & Urban Backdrops One of the biggest trends in senior portraits is to venture out with subjects to locations such as old buildings, abandoned lots and other urban and rustic settings. This is done to capture the striking contrast between a well-dressed senior and an artfully weathered setting. However, for a variety of reasons, this isn’t always possible or realistic; changing weather and lighting conditions alone can ruin a location senior portrait session, causing stress, delays and mixed results.

8 Tips for Enchanting Engagement Photos

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engagement photography

As a precursor to the big event, engagement portrait photography showcases a couple’s spark and captures the energy of their relationship. The photos will also help to spread the word to family and friends about the upcoming wedding. Ideally, engagement photos should be creative, engaging, romantic and personalized to each couple. Check out these 8 tips for stunning, artistic and memorable engagement portrait photography results:

Posed vs. Lifestyle Newborn Photography

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 Newborn Photography

A newborn is only a newborn for around two weeks. The little one then graduates to infant for the next three months, is considered a baby until around age one, and a toddler up to about age three. While these designations are somewhat subjective, it can’t be denied that the “newborn” stage is the briefest and most fleeting. Parents who seek out newborn photography only have a small window of time in which to capture this precious stage in their child’s history. With such a limited time frame, both photographer and parents should strive for the most optimal decisions and results possible. Two of the main options available for documenting newborns are posed and lifestyle photography. Each style has its benefits, and both photographer and parents must determine what scenario will be best for the family’s needs and preferences.

How to Achieve a Pin Up Style Photo Shoot

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Pin Up Photography

Pin-up girls have an undeniable, classic, timeless quality that nearly everyone responds to; men love to look at them, and women admire their beauty and confidence. The pin up girl is sexy but always classy, with flawless skin, coiffed hair, perfect makeup, cherry-red lips and alluring outfits. These beauties kept up soldiers’ morale for decades and have influenced generations of style. What better way to pay homage to the pin up girl than with a pin up photography shoot? If you’d like to recreate that pin up photography look, here’s what you need to know:

15 Beautiful Portraits with Glitter!

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  Glitter Portraits Who doesn’t love to add a bit of sparkle to their portraits? If you’ve had glitter on your mind, but just haven’t been quite sure how you want to incorporate it into a fun photo session, we went scouting for creative and just beautiful portraits with glitter as the main theme, to give YOU some inspiration!

Tips & Tricks for Offering Creative Superhero Photo Shoots for Kids

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Tips & Tricks for Offering Creative Superhero Photoshoots for Kids It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… the next awesome phase of your photography business — superhero kid photography! Superhero photo shoots are shaping up to become the next big trend in kid photography. If you’ve been around young kids, you already know that they are all about their imaginations, especially between the ages of 4 and 10. They literally live there; some spend weeks at a time in a superhero persona — so why not help parents to document it? Superhero photo shoots aren’t just for Halloween, either — although scheduling them at this time of year certainly makes sense. Already planning a superhero photo shoot? Shop our Baby & Kid Backdrops to find the perfect background for your studio!