How to Blur Your Photo Background

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How to Blur Your Photo Background | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

As beautiful as photo backgrounds can be, the fact remains that in most cases, they are (or should be) secondary to the subject. The best photography backgrounds effectively complement the subject matter and act as a counterpoint to the focal point of the photo — the subject. Whether you’re photographing a person, a product, a pet or an antique, the backdrop should serve to help the subject to take center stage. Whether you’re going for a backdrop that’s blurred just slightly or you want a more extreme, artistic effect, it is possible to achieve a blurred backdrop look in photography while keeping your subject in perfect focus. It may take some practice, but there are a variety of techniques that can help you create artfully blurred photo backdrops.

Wedding Photography Tips for Amateurs

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Wedding Photography Tips for Amateurs | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Whether you’re just getting started in a wedding photography career or you only want to shoot weddings occasionally for family and friends, you should know that the learning curve for wedding photography is pretty steep. Wedding photographers are known for being supreme multi-taskers and having excellent people skills in addition to their mastery of photographic techniques and equipment. The following is a guide for beginner or amateur wedding photographers to help you have a great experience with wedding photography and get results your clients will love:

Tips for Better Easter Photos to Please Everyone, Especially Your Smallest Subjects

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Tips for Better Easter Photos to Please Everyone, Especially Your Smallest Subjects | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Easter is that special holiday that heralds spring, whether the holiday falls on a lushly green morning or while under a blanket of freshly fallen snow. Of course it is always far more pleasant for the weather to turn out like the former description, but its innate unpredictability is part of the charm of this early spring holiday.
Actually, the lack of predictability of the weather for the Easter holiday is similar to the challenges you face when it is time to start preparing for Easter photos. You know your clients are patiently awaiting their new baby’s first Easter or their toddler’s first steps toward a fully packed Easter basket, so perfecting your portrait photography is a must to make sure you get that perfect shot to share with the family.
Whether you choose to shoot in your studio or outdoors, choosing the right setting and props will make each shot perfect. The hardest part of your job will entail choosing one or more from a pool of several fantastic springtime photos!
Think about some of the following basic tips to help steer you in the right direction toward getting the most out of your upcoming Easter photography sessions.

How to Use Photography Props to Enhance Your Images

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Photography Props

Photography props can add tremendous interest to a shot and help to convey a theme or message. Whether you’re doing product photography or portrait photography, the key to effective use of props is to make sure they don’t take away from the subject. A prop should enhance, never detract or distract. Photographers can use their intuition, experience and creative eye to choose props that help the narrative of a photo; the reason that the prop is in the frame should be abundantly clear. Potential photography props are everywhere — the attic, the basement, garden shed, craft closet, the kids’ toy chest, the garage, thrift stores and rummage sales are all potential prop havens. You can even buy professional props online. Try experimenting with a variety of different props; take lots of shots to find out what works best.

5 Keys to Epic Self Portraits

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5 Keys to Epic Self Portraits | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

A self portrait can be a difficult undertaking for a variety of reasons. Setup, getting a timer to work correctly and making sure things are in focus are just a few of the things you’ll have to contend with. You also won’t actually see how you look until after the photo is taken.
However, shooting self portraits is definitely worth the time and effort for professional photographers, as you’ll gain invaluable experience that can help you in your portrait photography with clients. Once you learn how to effectively “direct yourself” in a portrait, you’ll be exponentially better at directing subjects in portrait photography.
As you try new posing ideas and experiment with moving and adjusting your lighting and camera angles for self portraits, you’ll gain valuable experience in working with clients. Learning from both successes and mistakes, you’ll continually improve and grow as a photographer. As you explore and refine your portrait photography process, here are five tips for making your self portrait work the very best it can be:

10 Life Events You Need a Professional Photographer For

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10 Life Events You Need a Professional Photographer For | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Everyone’s watching their spending these days, and when cash is tight, on the surface it can seem like a good idea to skimp on professional photography. Whether it’s for family portraits or other times where professional photography is called for, it may seem tempting to do the work yourself or hire a friend or family member to take on the job at a discounted rate. While you might save money in the short term, there are a number of perils to doing so. (We explored them in depth in the recent post, 8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer.)
Choosing amateur-level work over professional photography for family portraits or event photography means you run the risk not doing justice to your most priceless moments and memories. Saving a bit of cash at the expense of professional photography just isn’t worth it; the education, experience, professionalism and results from a professional photographer all create a less stressful experience and far greater results. From family portraits to weddings to getting a new pet, life is full of precious moments you’ll want to be able to look back on years from now. Here are 10 of the most pivotal times to consider booking a professional photographer:

8 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Professional Athlete Portraits

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8 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Professional Athlete Portraits | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Professional athletic portraits are in a league of their own. More than a vanity statement, professional sports photography functions as a calling card and a marketing tool. Professional athletes, athletic managers and sports agents seek the highest levels of quality in professional athlete portraits. On or off the field, professional athletes (as well as their managers and agents) are always on the lookout for new opportunities for advancement. The professional athlete portrait can be key to building an athlete’s brand, reputation and career.
The ideal athletic portrait will effectively depict who the athlete is and magnify their persona to the viewer. The portrait should convey the true spirit of success the athlete embodies, allowing it to radiate from the photo to their fans, coaches and teammates. Bending and even breaking the rules is encouraged in the most innovative sports photography. Consider these eight tips for creating striking, compelling and iconic athlete portraits: