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5 Indoor Portrait Photography Tips

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Photography Tips, Portrait Photography, Studio Photography

model in front of a dark photography background
If you have been searching for the answer to how to take amazing photographs in your own home or small studio, look no further! The tips below will provide you with the knowledge to pull off great images without using a multi-source lighting set-up in the studio. Read on to discover how beautiful portraits can be taken using a single-light lighting technique.

How to Choose the Right Backdrop Color for Your Portrait

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Photography Backdrops, Portrait Photography, Seamless Backdrops

Photography Backdrops A good portrait really emphasizes the subject or subjects in the frame, so that their face, clothing and body stands out above everything else. In other words, nothing should distract from the subject of the portrait, making the photo backdrops chosen for the portrait more important than a novice photographer may think. Different colors of seamless paper or muslin will convey a different tone and mood to the portrait itself and also change based on the subject’s skin tone, hair color, clothing and eyes. With a keen understanding of how different photography backdrops affect a portrait, a photographer will have more options when it comes to changing the mood of each portrait they shoot. Below is a breakdown of all the different colors that can be used as seamless backdrops for portraits and what is conveyed through each one.

Lighting and Family Portraits

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Photography Tips, Portrait Photography

An important foundation in photography is studio lighting. Most individuals involved in the field of photography extensively discuss the correct ways to set up and use lighting but there are certain characteristics of lighting that are generally regarded as common foundations. Although these common foundations may not translate to taking portraits, the basic principles are the same. Problems occur, however, when more subjects are added to a setting. Of course, adding a couple of new subjects into a shot probably won’t require you to deal with lighting problems, you may also need to devise different lighting schemes for different situations. If you don’t take this into consideration, your final image may not be pleasing to the eye. Although you can try to light each subject, you’d also need a number of lights and an elaborate studio set up. In addition, if you are shooting large groups, you’ll definitely need to alter your approach to studio lighting.

Portraits and Digital Photography

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Digital Photography, Photography Backdrops, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography, Studio Equipment

The main thing to remember when striving to succeed in photographing portraits is to always capture your subject’s best side. Shoot your subjects as joyful, optimistic, happy and relaxed to capture emotions or behaviors that are positive. By doing this, you’ll be approaching success in capturing appealing images. In addition, you can take images of your subject when they appear more serious or focused. As an example, taking an image of a musician playing an instrument. Your musician may not attempt smiling or they may not even acknowledge your presence but obviously, you’re capturing them deep in concentration, doing exactly what they love the most. This can make for emotionally and artistically rich images. Of course, posing your subjects is also important.

Glamour Photography Lighting

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Photography Tips, Portrait Photography

When it comes to glamour photography, having the right equipment and lighting sources at your disposal is very important. It’s also important to know how to manipulate various lighting effects in order to get the best possible end result. There are many different ways to arrange lights and supporting materials such as photographic backdrops and backdrop support systems, before, during and after a shoot in order to get the effect you are looking for.

Tips for Taking Family Portraits

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Group Photography, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography

family portrait

Not just any snap of the camera constitutes a family portrait, a quality family portrait encompasses much more. You may be shooting a traditional family portrait, a candid family portrait, or a family portrait that represents a family’s lifestyle. In all these, the difference between getting a picture taken and getting a portrait taken is that in a portrait the photographer is paying attention to the final look of the photo. Portraits should aim to capture the subjects’ personality in a way that snapshots can’t.

Glamour Shot Backgrounds

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Photography Tips, Portrait Photography, Studio Photography

With glamour shots, the subject’s face is most important, however the photographic backdrop plays an important role as well as it helps to set the tone of the photo. There are many options, and choosing the right one will enhance your subject and assure that they look their best.
Nadine Wright Photography
One option is to use textured backdrops. A fabric with a rich texture, such as velvet or brocade adds a luxurious feel. It reflects light and brings a glow to the backdrop for photography while leaving most of the attention on the subject. Models should dress in a color that contrasts the backdrop to prevent the photo from getting a “floating” look. Bold architecture also makes a great photographic background for glamour photography. Brick walls, libraries, and windowed building have strong lines that can enhance the dramatic feel of the photo. Blurring the background will help assure that your subject remains front and center and is properly complemented by the lines in the structures. Nature provides a surprisingly elegant option when it comes to formal glamour photography. A grassy lawn, a forest with autumn leaves, or a patch of evergreen can bring just the right amount of rustic flair to a high fashion shoot. Using light gradient is also an effective way to bring your subject front and center in a photo. Using gels on a white seamless backdrop creates a subtle color that adds drama when the brightest part of the light is directly behind the model. Spotlights should be placed above and below the subject and should point at the backdrop. With this method light appears to be coming directly from the model’s body.
-Backdrop Express Photography Team