How to Choose the Right Backdrop Stand

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How to Choose the Right Backdrop Stand | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

According to, people today snap more photos in two minutes than they did in an entire year during the 1800s. However, many of these photos are taken with cell phones and the unpredictable quality of these shots only serves to illustrate the value of quality studio and portrait photography. A backdrop stand is a necessity for hanging and using photo backdrops for maximum results in studio photography. If you’re new to photography or aren’t sure of how to choose the right backdrop stand from Backdrop Express, this overview of highlights and features can help you to zero in on the perfect system for your needs:

How to Make Your Photo Studio Welcoming to Clients

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Photo Studio Is your photo studio conveying the message you want to send to clients, potential customers and even your employees? Does your studio photography setting offer a warm, friendly yet professional vibe to people from the moment they set foot in the door to while they’re posing in front of your camera? Every decision you make about your business sends a message, right down to your carpeting and wall paint choices. First impressions count, and while a thoughtfully-designed reception area and studio can make people feel at ease, clutter and carelessness can have an off-putting, even repelling effect.

Best Backdrops for High School Senior Pictures

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Grunge & Urban Backdrops One of the biggest trends in senior portraits is to venture out with subjects to locations such as old buildings, abandoned lots and other urban and rustic settings. This is done to capture the striking contrast between a well-dressed senior and an artfully weathered setting. However, for a variety of reasons, this isn’t always possible or realistic; changing weather and lighting conditions alone can ruin a location senior portrait session, causing stress, delays and mixed results.

5 Simple Tips for Festive Holiday Food Photography

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holiday food photography The holidays bring good cheer, family gatherings, gifts — and plenty of delicious food. A lot of work goes into those holiday dishes and delicacies, and as a photographer, you won’t want to miss the opportunity; food can be one of the most photogenic subjects you ever encounter. However, there are some key things to consider in order to make your holiday food photography the best it can be. Use these five simple tips to bring out the very best in your holiday cuisine photos:

10 Tips for Fierce Fashion Photography

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Backdrops for Fashion Photography Fashion photography, whether it’s studio photography or location shooting, requires different considerations than traditional portrait photography. Fashion photography, unless purely artistic in nature, usually has a goal or a client objective in mind. The designer wants their outfit, accessory or product to be showcased in the most compelling light possible. Clients and models also look to the fashion photographer to bring something new, extra or unexpected to the photo. Here are ten tips for outstanding fashion photography that can help bring that “Wow” factor to your shots:

How to Set Up a Photo Studio on a Budget

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Photo Studio Equipment Having a dedicated photo studio is a dream of many photographers. Whether you’re starting out in the business or just want to do photography part time, a photography workspace stocked with your studio equipment can be a haven where creativity flows and magic happens. However, in this economy, many photographers just can’t afford the risk and financial investment a dedicated photo studio requires. Fortunately, there are ways to set up a photo studio on a budget; here’s how:

How to Achieve a Pin Up Style Photo Shoot

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Pin Up Photography

Pin-up girls have an undeniable, classic, timeless quality that nearly everyone responds to; men love to look at them, and women admire their beauty and confidence. The pin up girl is sexy but always classy, with flawless skin, coiffed hair, perfect makeup, cherry-red lips and alluring outfits. These beauties kept up soldiers’ morale for decades and have influenced generations of style. What better way to pay homage to the pin up girl than with a pin up photography shoot? If you’d like to recreate that pin up photography look, here’s what you need to know: