15 Beautiful Portraits with Glitter!

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  Glitter Portraits Who doesn’t love to add a bit of sparkle to their portraits? If you’ve had glitter on your mind, but just haven’t been quite sure how you want to incorporate it into a fun photo session, we went scouting for creative and just beautiful portraits with glitter as the main theme, to give YOU some inspiration!

How to Achieve a Rustic Style Photo Shoot in the Studio

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Rustic Photography Props The rustic photo shoot artfully combines a refined, modern subject or sensibility with vintage or “shabby chic” props and design elements. Rustic photo shoots often take place out in nature, in rural settings, distressed barns, lofts or out-buildings that have a weathered, vintage look. In the past, rustic photo shoots required hauling your antique and rustic props (and subjects) to the setting and dealing with weather, lighting conditions and other variables on the fly. Fortunately, photographers now have more options than ever before; innovative backdrops and floordrops allow for amazing rustic photo shoot results right from the studio. Rustic photography props and shabby chic styles bring eye-catching distressed wooden chairs, beautiful floral garlands and patterned tutus that can make for the perfect accessories at a rustic themed portrait shoot. The traditional rustic-style rural outdoor locations like an overgrown field, abandoned farmhouse or country landscape can now be emulated with very realistic photo backdrops. While rustic photography props can certainly be taken outside to these locations, you now have the option to recreate the same rustic, country look in your studio with a wide variety of mix and match backdrops and floordrops. Pair them with innovative, portable rustic-look props for a winning combination your clients will love.

7 Posing Tips for Portraits

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7 Posing Tips for Portraits It’s no secret that in terms of portrait photography, the pose is just as important as capturing the photo itself. For example, if your model isn’t posing the right way, then your photo isn’t going to turn out the right way. In order to get the best possible pose, and thereby the best possible picture, consider following these seven tips.

When Should You Use Photography Floordrops?

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Photography Floordrops How does your studio floor look? Unless you have a long muslin or roll of seamless paper covering it, it probably isn’t very impressive. Muslin and seamless paper with an extended apron can be excellent for full and three-quarter length photography and larger product shoots; however, there’s a wide variety of other creative and affordable options out there for artfully covering your studio floor. Enter photography floordrops.

How to Create Standout Senior Pictures in Studio

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How to Create Standout Senior Pictures in Studio | Backdrop ExpressFeaturing: Tulip Seamless Paper | Photo Courtesy of Eldeen Annette Portraiture

Having senior pictures taken is a defining moment in the lives of graduating high school students. While some senior portrait photographers have been gravitating toward outdoor locations, senior portraits in the studio can be just as exciting and energized. With some planning, your studio senior portraits will convey a hip, classy, modern vibe that’s a far cry from the old-school senior portrait. When it comes to planning for your sessions, seniors can be some of the most fun and creative subjects to work with. For one, they are excited to be graduating soon, they are often excited to model for their senior pictures, and they will love making the most of the shoot. However, there are some things you can do to help ensure a standout senior portrait session in the studio.

Tabletop Photography Made Easy

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Tabletop Photography Made Easy | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Good photographers are known for the beautiful pictures they are able to capture, but their photo opportunities don’t just happen by chance. They are cleverly orchestrated in the form of still-life scenes. Setting up and photographing still-life photos takes skill. Here’s some tips that will help you find your still-life style.
Your creative juices can be put to work creating still-life photos that are quite attractive and interesting. Furthermore, many still-life photo shoots are actually in the category of product photography. Therefore, an accomplished still-life photographer who knows how to use photography backdrops, reflectors, bounce lighting and other soft light techniques might just find a ready market for turning this particular skill into income. Many still-life photo shoots do require a great deal of planning, attention to where the objects are lined up on the table as well as how to provide the necessary and proper lighting to achieve the desired effect.

Using a One Light Setup in Your Photo Studio

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Photography Lighting: Using One Light| Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Photography lighting can be a confusing and daunting prospect, especially for new photographers. However, even experienced photographers can find it a mystery; dealing with lighting, light stands, strobes and modifiers can have a way of sucking the life out of your studio photography if you let it. So how can you keep photography lighting issues from taking all the fun out of your work? The short answer is “keep it simple,” and one of the best ways to do this is by using a one light set up.