8 Food Photography Tricks

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8 Food Photography Tricks | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

We’ve all seen the appealing images of naturally beautiful fresh produce, delicious pie, and tempting oven-roasted poultry. These images, which appear in popular cooking books and cooking magazines, create the illusion that anyone can produce the same enticing meals. The truth is that a lot of the food dishes you see have been artificially made up and styled to achieve that perfect look! If you want your food photography to look as professional as the books, you’ve just got to have the knowledge of the right tricks.

How to Keep Your Paper Backdrops Clean

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How to Keep Your Paper Backdrops Clean | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Paper backdrops are a popular background solution for amateur and professional photographers alike. Seamless paper backdrops offer the advantages of versatility and variety as well as being relatively inexpensive. Seamless paper is available in a great assortment of colors, and with the aid of gels and lighting, produces special effects that enhance the aesthetics of studio photography.
Most photographers set up their photo backdrops by mounting the rolls onto a backdrop stand and rolling it out several feet past the floor, providing continuity of color as a background. However, if you’re not working in a photo studio with hard flooring, you’ll have to deal with an extra step of keeping your paper backdrops clean and reusable.

How To Find Models for Your Photography

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red head girl modeling on red brick backdrop

Subject matter is one of the most important factors impacting the quality of photography. Finding the right photo model is crucial for engaging, memorable photos and artistic expression. If you have never used a model before, or are looking for a new subject, the task of searching can seem somewhat daunting. There are some quick and easy techniques for finding models that will not drive you too far out of your comfort zone.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: Fashion Photography

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Woman with orange scarf on gray backdrop

The photography genre of fashion photography is challenging and unpredictable enough and can be even more unpredictable when you add uncertain circumstances of shooting outdoors. The location where you choose to shoot fashion photography – indoors or outdoors – is a key element to the artistic process.
Finding the right location may be difficult, especially when you have to work in multiple environments to achieve an overall theme. The tone, textures and dynamics of the location you choose will determine the overall success of your shoot. Everything about your fashion photograph – the light, the model and the photo backdrop – are all equally important to the success and look of your session. By understanding the differences between indoor and outdoor environments, knowing your tools and understanding how to be highly productive, you will set yourself up to have a successful fashion photo shoot.

How to Position Photo Lights

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How to Position Photo Lights | Backdrop Express Blog

The lighting in your studio are just as important to your portraiture as your subject is. Proper setup of your photo lights will greatly enhance the look of your subject, creating the best portrait possible. Before setting up your lighting for a portrait, you will need to understand how to operate the equipment in your studio, including all of the accessories such as lights, diffusers, reflectors and light modifiers.