10 Adorable Babies in Cheesecloth Wraps

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newborn cheesecloth wraps Since cheesecloth wraps for newborn photography are so popular (and we wanted an excuse to look through LOTS of newborn photos), we’ve compiled some of our favorite cheesecloth wrapped babies here for your viewing pleasure! A cheesecloth is the perfect baby photography prop to match with a hat, headband, basket or blanket to create a beautiful portrait. We hope you gain some inspiration for your next newborn photo shoot below!

7 Fun (and Spooky!) Ideas for Halloween Backdrops

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Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Outside of Christmas, Halloween is one of the most anticipated children’s holidays. There are few things kids love more than being able to dress up as someone (or something) else for a day and getting free candy in the process. Some kids plan their Halloween costumes for months in advance, narrowing it down to their favorite superhero or current pop culture icon and then assembling the perfect design elements. With all of the thought, time and effort went into their costume, why not mark the occasion with fun Halloween backdrops worthy of how awesome they look? Whether you’re having a Halloween party or just want to capture your ghosts and goblins before they head out for trick or treating, a Halloween backdrop will set the scene for photos to treasure.

3 Traits to Consider When Matching Your Backdrop to Your Model

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photography backdrops A good background is one that highlights the subject and strengthens the portrait style without distracting or overpowering the image. This doesn’t mean a bold backdrop can’t stand out, as long as it’s aligned with the message and theme the photographer is aiming to portray. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the focus on the model by eliminating a backdrop that distracts from your subject. With thousands of photography backdrops in an array of materials, colors, patterns, textures and designs on the market today, it can be daunting to begin searching for the “perfect backdrop” for your next photo shoot. We recommend starting with your model: his/her physical traits (as well as personality) can help you narrow down your studio backdrop choices to a few that will complement and strengthen their intended look.

Creative Photo Sets: Pairing a Floordrop with a Printed Backdrop

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Printed Backdrops Have you been getting the itch to capture some creative full-body photos against a bright and bold background, but your floor just doesn’t work with what you’re going for? Perhaps you just want a creative pattern or setting that you probably won’t find in any normal home. With hundreds of printed backdrops available at Backdrop Express, you have the potential to offer an entire one-of-a-kind set up for your next photo shoot for any client – even the four-legged kind!

Shine Bright with Glitter Backdrops!

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Glitter Patterned Backdrops Love the look of glamorous glitter and shining sparkles for those extra special portrait sessions? We do, too! Do you love sweeping and cleaning up the mess from a pound of glitter strewn across the floor that’s also somehow made it’s way into every crack and crevice in the room? We don’t, either! Here’s where we introduce our new Glitter Patterned Backdrops… a printed background collection that’s suitable and convenient for any studio!

7 Essential Newborn Photography Props

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newborn photography props Newborn photography is one of those genres that just lends itself to props. Of course, the subject is adorable enough, but artfully chosen photography props can take the “Awww” factor to the next level. The studio is the ideal controlled setting for newborn photography and making use of a variety of props. Just about anything can have “prop potential,” from things you already own to items the mother brings along. Hobby and craft stores, fabric stores, resale shops, antique markets and even rummage sales all have potential. There are countless possibilities, but just make sure each props is safe, clean and sanitary. When stocking your studio with newborn photography props, these seven categories are essential:

Product Spotlight: Grunge Brick

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grunge brick floordropPhoto Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

Brick wall backdrops are a trendy way to create grungy portraits in the studio. Their worn, weathered and industrial appearance lends itself well to fashion photography and edgy senior portraits. Our most popular brick backdrop is our Grunge Brick – see what our customers like best about its realistic and cool style below!