Photography Lighting: What’s the Difference Between a Softbox and Octobox?

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Light-direction and diffusion tools are used with studio lights in photography to soften the light from a flash when it’s used as the primary light source on the subject. Normally, the light from a flash is very “hard” and direct, causing harsh shadows to be created with sharp edges that tend to be unflattering to the subject and final photographs. There are numerous light-direction and diffusion tools on the market to help with this issue. Two of the most popular are softboxes and octoboxes. While they are made based upon similar principles, they do have some distinct differences when it comes to your final photographic results.

10 Tips for Priceless, Professional Newborn Photography Posing

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newborn posing props Newborn photography is in a league all its own; every new parent seeks it out, and the results can create family treasures that delight for generations. The key to the most stellar results is strongly based in your newborn photography posing techniques. While newborn posing offers a realm of virtually unlimited possibilities (especially with a newborn posing beanbag and digital editing software), there are some newborn posing basics that can work for you in nearly any scenario. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the realm of infant photography, equip yourself with these infant posing basics:

Top 10 New Backdrops of the Year!

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If you couldn’t tell, we LOVE backdrops! From soft, solid fabrics and textured ruffles to sparkly sequins and hand painted muslins… we offer one of the largest inventories of printed backdrop designs and studio backgrounds to fit any photographer’s budget, style and space. Here is a list of the top selling new backdrops we’ve added to our offering in 2014…

gold sequin backdrop1. Gold Sequin Fabric Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Megan Photography

5 Tips for Creating Realistic Portraits with Scenic Backdrops

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Scenic Backdrops Scenic backdrops are the ideal solution for photographers looking to recreate a special scene in a specific location that’s unreachable or inefficient to shoot at, such as a European castle or mystical forest. A one-of-a-kind scenic background is one popular method for creating unique portraits without leaving the studio. While scenic backdrops allow for nearly limitless locations to be reproduced for studio photography, they do require extra preparation and guidelines to adhere to in order to create as realistic of a final portrait as possible. Here are 5 tips for working with studio scenic backdrops:

15 Perfectly Pink Backdrops for Beautiful Portraits!

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Pink Backdrops Raise your hand if you love PINK! We know we do. A perfectly pink photography backdrop can help convey a style of elegance, affection, femininity or passion to your portraits. Not to mention, they can make your headshots really pop off the screen or print. Paired with the right model, accessories and props, pink backdrops in fun designs or bold tones will surely make your photos stand out. We want to show off 15 of our most popular pink backdrops – which one is YOUR favorite?

How to Set Up a Photo Studio on a Budget

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Photo Studio Equipment Having a dedicated photo studio is a dream of many photographers. Whether you’re starting out in the business or just want to do photography part time, a photography workspace stocked with your studio equipment can be a haven where creativity flows and magic happens. However, in this economy, many photographers just can’t afford the risk and financial investment a dedicated photo studio requires. Fortunately, there are ways to set up a photo studio on a budget; here’s how:

Product Spotlight: Charcoal Gray Fabric Backdrop

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Charcoal Gray Fabric BackdropPhoto Courtesy of Melissa P Photography

The color gray is one of the most popular and basic headshot backgrounds photographers have used throughout the decades. While white typically connotes cleanliness and innocence and black gives off a sense of drama or sophistication, gray is the most neutral shade to fit any kind of subject well. Often used in fashion photography, many photographers find it convenient to be able to easily alter their gray background to a lighter or darker shade by changing their lighting setup. Our Charcoal Gray Fabric Backdrop is a top seller among BE customers, who believe one of its biggest advantages is its wrinkle-resistance. If stored rolled or loosely folded when not in use, our solid color fabric backdrops will only require a quick steam from time to time to keep them looking their best. The poly/poplin matte fabric is easily cleaned, durable and available in a wide variety of beautiful colors. Here’s what a few Backdrop Express customers have told us about their new gray fabric backdrop as well as some photo inspiration submitted by our customers!