Best Backdrops for Graduation Photos

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Best Backdrops for Graduation Photos Graduation is a giant milestone for many teenagers and young adults. This moment of immense achievement will require a massive amount of photos, both before and after the ceremony. While most photographers prefer to take photos outdoors of soon-to-be grads, there may be times that the weather or location won’t allow for the best scene for a photo. Luckily, there are a variety of photography backdrops that are perfect for taking graduation photos.

When to Use a Bokeh Backdrop

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Bokeh Backdrops

Bokeh is a trending photography technique in which the background of a photo is blurred substantially to create a soft, compelling, deliberately out-of-focus effect. You may have seen a blurred bokeh background in night photography shots where streetlights and car headlights and taillights become artfully abstracted shapes in the background. The word “bokeh” is derived from the Japanese word “boke” which means “haze” or “blur.”

Our Top 10 Favorite New Backdrops of 2015!

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Photography Backdrops Here at Backdrop Express, we strive to continue to build and diversify our product offering every month according to photography trends and through research finding out what YOU want to see! From the efforts of our amazing design and product team, we’ve built our photography studio equipment to one of the largest. While we may be a little biased and love ALL of our backdrop items, here are our top 10 favorite new photo backdrops from 2015!

Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget

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Buying Photography Backgrounds to Fit Your Budget | Backdrop Express Blog It may be tough to admit it, but price is a key consideration for most photographers when buying their photography equipment. No matter what the level of experience, cost matters, and higher photography equipment costs mean less profits. We’d all love to be able to buy the best of everything, but having a budget is a reality for most photographers, from camera equipment to studio gear. In this article, we’ll explore how to stick to a budget and still get great results when purchasing photography backgrounds. When it comes to photo backgrounds, there’s a wide range of choices, products, prices and options. You can find everything from economy and value-oriented backdrops in small sizes to large, handmade specialty backdrops. Backdrop Express‘ current selection of photography backdrops caters to all budgets and levels of expertise. Being able to recognize the difference in backdrop types can help you to choose the best products for your current needs. As you gain experience and experiment with new styles, you’ll determine the best materials, colors and designs that best fit your niche.

Printed Seamless Paper: Another Versatile Studio Option!

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Printed Seamless Paper Printed backdrops have opened a huge door for studio photographers to take advantage of and indulge in. With limitless design options, photographers can quite literally set up any scene they can imagine in their own studios! From colorful patterns to realistic textures and even iconic landscapes, portrait clients can choose to be transported to any place or time they wish. While Backdrop Express supplies several types of printed background material options like Poly Paper, Vinyl and Cloth, we are excited to be expanding our printed backdrop – and seamless paper – lines with 24 new Printed Seamless Paper offerings!

7 Fun (and Spooky!) Ideas for Halloween Backdrops

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Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Outside of Christmas, Halloween is one of the most anticipated children’s holidays. There are few things kids love more than being able to dress up as someone (or something) else for a day and getting free candy in the process. Some kids plan their Halloween costumes for months in advance, narrowing it down to their favorite superhero or current pop culture icon and then assembling the perfect design elements. With all of the thought, time and effort went into their costume, why not mark the occasion with fun Halloween backdrops worthy of how awesome they look? Whether you’re having a Halloween party or just want to capture your ghosts and goblins before they head out for trick or treating, a Halloween backdrop will set the scene for photos to treasure.

3 Traits to Consider When Matching Your Backdrop to Your Model

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photography backdrops A good background is one that highlights the subject and strengthens the portrait style without distracting or overpowering the image. This doesn’t mean a bold backdrop can’t stand out, as long as it’s aligned with the message and theme the photographer is aiming to portray. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the focus on the model by eliminating a backdrop that distracts from your subject. With thousands of photography backdrops in an array of materials, colors, patterns, textures and designs on the market today, it can be daunting to begin searching for the “perfect backdrop” for your next photo shoot. We recommend starting with your model: his/her physical traits (as well as personality) can help you narrow down your studio backdrop choices to a few that will complement and strengthen their intended look.