15 Perfectly Pink Backdrops for Beautiful Portraits!

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Pink Backdrops Raise your hand if you love PINK! We know we do. A perfectly pink photography backdrop can help convey a style of elegance, affection, femininity or passion to your portraits. Not to mention, they can make your headshots really pop off the screen or print. Paired with the right model, accessories and props, pink backdrops in fun designs or bold tones will surely make your photos stand out. We want to show off 15 of our most popular pink backdrops – which one is YOUR favorite?

Product Spotlight: Charcoal Gray Fabric Backdrop

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Charcoal Gray Fabric BackdropPhoto Courtesy of Melissa P Photography

The color gray is one of the most popular and basic headshot backgrounds photographers have used throughout the decades. While white typically connotes cleanliness and innocence and black gives off a sense of drama or sophistication, gray is the most neutral shade to fit any kind of subject well. Often used in fashion photography, many photographers find it convenient to be able to easily alter their gray background to a lighter or darker shade by changing their lighting setup. Our Charcoal Gray Fabric Backdrop is a top seller among BE customers, who believe one of its biggest advantages is its wrinkle-resistance. If stored rolled or loosely folded when not in use, our solid color fabric backdrops will only require a quick steam from time to time to keep them looking their best. The poly/poplin matte fabric is easily cleaned, durable and available in a wide variety of beautiful colors. Here’s what a few Backdrop Express customers have told us about their new gray fabric backdrop as well as some photo inspiration submitted by our customers!

5 Best Tips for an Awesome Photo Booth Backdrop

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Photo Booth Backdrops The photo booth is back, and it’s come a long way since the days of the dime store model that spit out a strip of four B&W head shots. While that type of vintage photo booth can bring a fun and retro vibe to an occasion, modern photo booths are capable of so much more. The photo booths of today shoot in full color and are outfitted with high-tech touchscreen displays. They use the latest in high resolution photo printing technology, and some even have the ability to take high-definition videos. With all of these new innovations, it shouldn’t surprise you that photo booth backdrops have come a long way as well. Photo booths of old usually came with just one solid color sheet; today, the sky’s the limit. Why not have numerous backdrop styles on hand to satisfy any taste or preference? The following are some of the most popular and eye-catching photo booth backdrop choices available today:

10 Adorable Holiday Newborn Photos!

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10 Adorable Holiday Newborn Photos | Backdrop Express Photography Blog The holidays are upon us soon, and it’s time to begin planning your winter and Christmas portrait packages! Whether you’re new to photographing newborns, or focus on baby photography entirely, here are 10 amazingly adorable holiday newborn photos from our very own customers to help inspire you with posing, Christmas backdrop and prop ideas for the upcoming season!
Share YOUR holiday newborn photos with us – we’d love to show them off on our blog too! 

Product Spotlight: Pure White Vinyl Backdrop

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Pure White Vinyl BackdropPhoto Courtesy of Tara Lesher Photography

Vinyl is known as one of the most durable photography backdrops on the market. Vinyl backdrops can stand up to dirt, messes, large groups and different environments – all with a quick wipe down after each shoot  to keep them looking new. Our Pure White Vinyl Backdrop is widely used for high-key photography, as its matte surface allows for a glare-free background and creates a perfectly seamless infinity backdrop for portraits, products and even video products. Here’s what a few Backdrop Express customers had to say about their new white vinyl backdrop as well as some photo inspiration submitted by our customers!

Create Standout Photos with Textured Backgrounds!

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Make Your Photos Stand Out with Textured Backgrounds | Backdrop Express BlogFeaturing: Silver Sequin Fabric Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Textured backgrounds are a unique and vibrant category of photo backdrops that can add dimension and depth to any type of photo shoot. From sequins to velvet-like patterned damask and textured roses made of satin, this diverse category of backdrops is a refreshing departure from the traditional blended or solid color muslin. With a variety of fabrics, patterns and textures to choose from, you can be sure that any backdrop in this category will bring a beautiful and memorable appearance to the shoot.

Reversible Backdrops: The Solution to Photographing on a Budget

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Reversible BackdropsFeaturing: Black/White Collapsible Backdrop | Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

Photography backgrounds have come a long way since the heavy, costly old-master style tapestries that used to hang in Victorian portrait studios. While these vintage looks and styles still have throwback appeal, photographers and their clients now have far more options to choose from. One of the most useful innovations to come along in photography supplies is the two-sided reversible backdrop. Reversible backdrops bring a whole new dimension of convenience, variety and cost-effectiveness to both studio and location photography. In addition to lightweight fabric or sturdy muslin, reversible backdrops are also made as collapsible backdrops, which makes them even more portable, mobile and easier to store. Beginners, amateurs and professionals all enjoy the benefits of reversible and collapsible backdrops in both their studio and location work.