Photography Lighting: What’s the Difference Between a Softbox and Octobox?

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Light-direction and diffusion tools are used with studio lights in photography to soften the light from a flash when it’s used as the primary light source on the subject. Normally, the light from a flash is very “hard” and direct, causing harsh shadows to be created with sharp edges that tend to be unflattering to the subject and final photographs. There are numerous light-direction and diffusion tools on the market to help with this issue. Two of the most popular are softboxes and octoboxes. While they are made based upon similar principles, they do have some distinct differences when it comes to your final photographic results.

Improving Your Lighting with a Reflector

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Improving Your Lighting with a Reflector | Backdrop Express Photography Team Photo lighting is an art form unto itself; without it, those magical images you love to create wouldn’t be possible. Photo lighting can be completely natural, artificially orchestrated, or somewhere in between. Whether you’re out in direct sunlight or working with studio lighting, one of the most effective tools for enhancing and fine-tuning photography lighting is the reflector.

Tabletop Photography Made Easy

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Tabletop Photography Made Easy | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Good photographers are known for the beautiful pictures they are able to capture, but their photo opportunities don’t just happen by chance. They are cleverly orchestrated in the form of still-life scenes. Setting up and photographing still-life photos takes skill. Here’s some tips that will help you find your still-life style.
Your creative juices can be put to work creating still-life photos that are quite attractive and interesting. Furthermore, many still-life photo shoots are actually in the category of product photography. Therefore, an accomplished still-life photographer who knows how to use photography backdrops, reflectors, bounce lighting and other soft light techniques might just find a ready market for turning this particular skill into income. Many still-life photo shoots do require a great deal of planning, attention to where the objects are lined up on the table as well as how to provide the necessary and proper lighting to achieve the desired effect.

Using a One Light Setup in Your Photo Studio

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Photography Lighting: Using One Light| Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Photography lighting can be a confusing and daunting prospect, especially for new photographers. However, even experienced photographers can find it a mystery; dealing with lighting, light stands, strobes and modifiers can have a way of sucking the life out of your studio photography if you let it. So how can you keep photography lighting issues from taking all the fun out of your work? The short answer is “keep it simple,” and one of the best ways to do this is by using a one light set up.

How to Position Photo Lights

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How to Position Photo Lights | Backdrop Express Blog

The lighting in your studio are just as important to your portraiture as your subject is. Proper setup of your photo lights will greatly enhance the look of your subject, creating the best portrait possible. Before setting up your lighting for a portrait, you will need to understand how to operate the equipment in your studio, including all of the accessories such as lights, diffusers, reflectors and light modifiers.

How to Use Photo Umbrellas

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studio photo umbrella

Photo umbrellas are often used to control the lighting in photo shoots, especially harsh brightness and extreme contrasts that can leave unwanted shadows against a photography background. One benefit is they create a soft, diffused lighting effect –especially for portraits. Reflective umbrellas are useful here because they reduce the contrast between shadow and light. Of course, not all photography umbrellas are the same, so it’s important to know which umbrella to grab in a given situation.