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Tethered Photography Archives -

The 5 Best Software for Tethered Photography

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Digital Photography, Product Reviews, Tethered Photography

photographer using tethering softwarePhoto Credit: Ryan Walsh

As nice as it is to have a little screen on your digital camera in order to see your shots, if you are going to pursue real studio photography it is advisable that you take things a step further and enter the realm of tethered photography. Along with your tethered photography kit, you’ll need a software program to facilitate the process from camera to computer. With tether software your camera is connected to your computer allowing you to examine your shots in full screen mode, which makes for better editing and a smoother review process with your client. Here’s some commonly used software for tethered photography that can make finding the right shot that much easier.

A Guide to Tethered Photography for Beginners

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Tethered Photography

tethered photography

As a photographer, the idea of being tied down might be terrifying, especially if your style depends upon freedom of movement. You climb, you hang, you do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. The last thing you want is a leash to hold you back. Despite the name though, tethered photography doesn’t have to limit you. It many ways, it actually promotes freedom. The ability to see your photos instantly as you take them allows you to take more risk in your digital photography, as you aim for those perfect shots.

5 Ways the New Air Flow Tech Table™ Makes Tethered Photography Even Easier

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Studio Photography, Tethered Photography

female model using tethered photography

At Backdrop Express we’re very proud to announce the newest addition to our product line – tethered photography equipment!

What is Tethered Photography?

Tethered photography is a common term used to describe when a photographer connects (or “tethers”) their camera to their computer or tablet, typically through either a USB wire, FireWire, or wirelessly. During a tethered photo shoot, when a picture is taken, the photo bypasses the camera, is saved directly to the computer’s hard-drive, and displayed instantly on the  monitor or laptop screen. This process gives both the photographer and the model/client instant feedback on the photographs being taken.