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8 Basic Video Camera Movements You Should Know

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Videography

Video Camera Whether you’re new to videography or have some experience, perfecting camera movement is both a skill and an art. Video camera movement can help you to achieve a number of engaging effects; however, if it isn’t done well, the effect can be jarring and distracting. Video camera movement can be used to help make a subject look larger or smaller. It can add drama, visual interest, create a narrative, and help to tell your story. Camera movement techniques can be achieved with a mounted camera, a camera moved manually along by the videographer, or by moving the camera lens only. Video camera accessories can help to facilitate effective camera movement whether you want a smooth or dramatic effect. Practice is the key to success; use these videography tips for perfecting camera movement in your shots:

5 Video Camera Accessories for Higher Quality Footage

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Videography

Video Camera Accessories  Whether you’re just shooting family videos at home or are planning to venture into professional videography, there are a number of helpful video camera accessories that can help make the process much easier. One of the most beneficial videography tips is to pick up a camera stabilizer. Stabilizers have multiple benefits that will immediately increase the quality of your work and make shooting video much more enjoyable. If your equipment is heavy or you’re prone to having shaky hands, it can be very difficult to achieve a still and stable shot on your own. A camera stabilizer can take care of this variable for you while also helping to hold other peripherals like a microphone or lighting. In addition to stability, a camera stabilizer lets you swivel quickly during action footage, allowing for smooth transitions (instead of that shaky “Blair Witch Project” effect.) Positioning is also a breeze; whether your shot is high in the air or close to ground level, simply tilt the arm accordingly. Universal mounting plates on most stabilizers allow you to add your favorite microphone, strobes, and more. If you’re looking for videography tips, consider these five video camera accessories:

5 Basic Tips for Beginner Videographers

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Videography

Videography You’re already engrossed in the world of photography; now, you’re ready to take the next step in your career. You want to expand your skills to incorporate videography as well. By doing so, you can make yourself even more marketable to a more diverse group of clients. And while there are some basics of photography that can be translated to videography,¬†and some photography gear that can be used as video accessories, it’s important to understand that picking up videography as a skill will take time, research, practice, and dedication. Here are a few basic tips that’ll get you off on the right foot.