Choosing a Backdrop for Your Photo

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A lot goes into taking a great picture. Knowing your camera and how to use its various features, picking the perfect subject, and finding the right backdrop are all important components of a great photo. Many people tend to underestimate the impact the backdrop of a photo can make, and how important it is to choose a backdrop wisely in order to enhance, and not overshadow, your photo. There are various ways to create a seamless backdrop like the ones often found in portrait studios. You can create a wooden frame or hang your backdrop over an existing structure. You’ll want to choose a paper or fabric backdrop that is not too shiny because this can create unwanted reflection from the flash. You’ll also want to take care as you choose your color in order to properly compliment your subject. While white and black are popular choices, white can create a washed out look in some photos, and black can blend in with darker colors, particularly dark hair. Normally, dark gray or blue is a good, neutral choice. Nature can provide a beautiful backdrop, but there are some considerations to watch for when it comes to structures, for example a tree aligned incorrectly can look like it is growing out of your subject’s head. Outdoor lighting is also more difficult to control than indoor lighting, and you will want to avoid having your subject stand between you and the sun, as it will make your subject look dark by comparison. Overly bright or snowy areas will sometimes make a photo look overexposed, adjusting the exposure may compensate for this, or you can take your photo either in the evening or early in the morning. Of course you do have the option of following the rule, “if all else fails go back and fix it later.” Chroma key backgrounds are especially useful when it comes to digitally replacing your original backdrop with whatever you want. You can also replace just about any backdrop through a little photo editing if things don’t turn out the way you want, however, getting digital backdrops to look natural is an acquired skill and will likely take some practice before you get things just the way you want. If you aren’t confident, there are many professionals that offer photo editing services that can make your photo seem like the perfect shot.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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