Choosing A Photographic Studio Backdrop

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Photo : Gilbert Rossi

When choosing photo backgrounds, photographers have a wide range of choices available, and each choice offers different benefits and drawbacks depending on the conditions involved in a photo shoot. By choosing the right type of  photo backdrop the photographer can achieve the affect they are looking for… The choices of backgrounds for photography can include muslin, chroma key,photographic cloth, canvas, and vinyl. Muslin backdrops are popular for photography because they’re light weight and easy to transport. Their varieties of simple colors make great backdrops. Many photographers like photographic pro cloth backgrounds because they’re affordable and versatile. These backdrops for photography come in many colors and suit almost any style. Photographic vinyl is another backdrop material that many photographers use frequently. These are popular because a high quality vinyl backdrop is very sturdy and won’t cast shadows because their opaque nature. Another way to get that “on location” look is through hand painted muslin backdrops. These backgrounds can be found ready made, or some photographers hire an artist to create a faux finish to their backdrop. These are popular when it comes to school or wedding photos and can even reflect a holiday season. Overall, these different types photography backdrops will give your photos a polished and finished look.

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