Choosing The Right Lighting In Studio Or Stock Photography

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     Whether shooting photographs of food, jewelry, cars, people, or something completely different, lighting and photographic backdrops and additional props are all used differently in order to achieve the desired results. Lighting plays a significant role in photography, and changes in light will change the overall effect of the photograph, as well as the mood it instills. It is the goal of an experienced photographer to create a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors by simulating outdoor lighting inside his studio. By combining the right light and appropriate studio backdrops, the photographer can imitate a rainy afternoon or a bright cloudless day.
Photographing Food The key to emphasizing texture in food is to use smaller lights, keeping the lights close to the subject. One mistake often made by less experienced photographers is to overuse front lighting. This lighting will give you the least amount of texture possible. Of course, the mood you wish to create and the photography backdrop you choose to use will also determine the lighting you should use. Natural light is always preferable, so if you can place the food near a window during your shoot, it will greatly enhance your results.
Photographing Jewelry Continuous light is more effective in photographing jewelry than a flash because jewelry has lots of reflective surfaces that will reflect the flash and mar your photographs. When you use continuous lighting and a contrasting background for photography, you will easily be able to see what your photographs will look like before you take them. It is still wise to diffuse the light you use; fluorescent lights are appropriate for use when photographing jewelry.

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