Choosing The Right Studio Backdrop

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There are so many different types, designs and styles of photography backdrops to choose from when selecting a backdrop for your studio. There are two types of backdrops that are popular among photographers : muslin and canvas. When selecting a photographic backdrop you must make a list of your photo needs and your studio’s needs. With your list in hand, compare your needs with the different features, qualities, benefits and disadvantages of the two types of studio backdrops. There are a few differences between muslin and canvas backgrounds, but those differences can determine which one fits your needs. Muslin backdrops are made out of a closely woven, unbleached cloth that is produced from a corded cotton yarn. Muslin backdrops can also be made out of a white cloth. This type of backdrop can be dyed to the color of your choice, with tie-dye and other textured options. The best feature of a muslin background is its portability feature. Muslin is lightweight and can be stored in small spaces, such as a plastic tote or travel bag. When compared to canvas, muslin is less expensive.


Canvas photo backdrops are made out of a more rugged and heavier material, making it more durable. However, the size and weight of canvas photographic backdrops make it more difficult to transport. Generally, canvas backdrops are used as permanent fixtures in a portrait studio and offer a large background for group portraits. The texture of the canvas offers a more realistic background for portraits, including painted scenes and offers a more formal look for business, family and wedding portraits. If taken care of properly – rolled and stored flat – canvas backdrops can last many years. Some things to consider when selecting a photo backdrops include, how much money are you willing to spend and other budget needs. You will also want to consider the space you have in your studio, including shooting and storage space available. If you shoot on location, you may also want to think about the transportability of the photographic backdrop to and from location.

Seamless Paper

Seamless paper backdrops are also available to those who would prefer. Most seamless paper backdrops are available in a variety of colors, lengths and widths (widths of 107″, 53″, 26″, and 50 & 12 yards in length) to suit your photographic needs.

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