Chroma Key Backdrop Options: Green or Blue?

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portrait green screen background

The use of chroma key is a technique photographers use to be able to manipulate the background by adding a scene during post-production.  So why do photographers, filmmakers and videographers use green or blue when utilizing chroma key backdrops? Well, there are a few factors that make these two colors the color of choice for photographers.

Green Screen

Green chroma key, or green screen, is used because modern cameras have digital sensors that are highly sensitive to this color. Because it produces a more natural look during postproduction, green chroma key works best for outdoors scenes. Green backdrops are by far the most popular chroma key color used by both professional and amateur photographers. It is a very versatile color and can be used on stages, in studios, indoors and outdoors.

Blue Screen

Blue screens work best during low lighting situations because they are dark themselves and do not cause a color spill over the edges of the subjects. woman on green screen background

Why Green & Blue?

The colors blue and green were selected for use in chroma key because neither of the colors are found in flesh tones. This makes it possible to use chroma key without distorting your subject’s face. You just have to be careful when dressing your subject, because the color of the chroma key screen, whether blue or green, will affect the wardrobe’s look. For example, if you are using a blue screen and your subject is wearing a blue tie, the tie will also reflect the image used to replace the blue screen. If you are unsure what your subject will be wearing you can look for chroma key screens that are double sided. One side blue and the other side green. This will make sure you are prepared for just about any wardrobe. To get some experience with chroma key technology, play with other chroma key colors and working with them during post-production. Use different colored backdrops and change up the colors worn by your subjects and the props they have within the shot with them.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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