Collapsible Backdrops Add Flexibility To Your Photography

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Collapsible Backdrops Add Flexibility to Your Photography | Backdrop Express Photography BlogPhoto by Ryan Walsh

While many photographers love their studios, most need to have some flexibility when it comes to taking photographs on the go. One tool that is great for this purpose is a collapsible background. Collapsible backdrops are available in many styles and offer a great deal of flexibility for photographers, especially those who work on location.


A great feature of their design is their light weight. That’s what makes them so attractive in the photography world – their versatility and portability. Imagine the time savings they provide photographers, being that it takes only seconds to set up and arrange for a shoot, and just another moment to fold back up. They eliminate the need for large backdrop support systems, draping muslin or large paper rolls, which is typically the alternative to collapsible backdrops.


Three main styles of collapsible backdrops are solid colored, mottled or retro. Most fold out to 5’x6′ dimensions (certain styles are available in 6’x8′ also), which is a great for photographing children or headshot portraits. A collapsible backdrop secures to its stand easily with Velcro straps and folds quickly into a carrying bag – which comes in handy when traveling.

model posing on Lakeside Collapsible BackdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

One popular type of collapsible backgrounds are the reversible backdrops. These fold down to about 1/3 of their full size, and have the benefit of having two different backdrops available in one package. Photographers have a lot of positive reviews of reversible collapsible backdrops, as they enjoy how the backdrops are suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots, and they also like the Velcro straps that help add stability and balance.

Easy Care

With all the flexibility that collapsible backdrops add to your photography business, it’s important to take proper care of your photo backdrop. These collapsible backdrops should be cleaned with a damp cloth and delicate fabric cleaner. Harsh chemicals should be avoided. If the fabric gets wrinkled, a low heat iron or steamer should smooth it out. Often hanging or gently pulling the backdrop will also clear the wrinkles, just be careful not to pull too hard.

Family on collapsible backdrop

Collapsible backdrops have many uses. They are great for corporate badge photos, passport photos, or any small indoor studio. To add even more versatility, you may want to consider a chroma key collapsible backdrop. These come in blue and green and will give you the ability to digitally add any background you want in postproduction, including special effects.

With all the versatility of collapsible backdrops it’s easy to see why they make a great addition to any photographer’s studio, especially those who like to shoot on the go.

Has a collapsible backdrop ever come in handy when you were working in a studio too small to set up a large backdrop support system? Have you used one outdoors?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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