Collapsible Backdrops: Spark Spontaneous Photo Shoots

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woman on black collapsible backdrop

While many photographers prefer to work with whatever natural backdrops are available when they work on location, sometimes a natural backdrop or location just isn’t practical. They may get to the site and discover it is too small, or doesn’t provide the photographer with enough control in order to get the shot he wants. In these cases it is good to have a collapsible background handy in order to better control the photo shoot and get the perfect shot.

Benefits of Using Collapsible Backdrops

Benefits of using these photo backgrounds are plentiful. Just a few of the benefits are convenience, portability, variety and control. Collapsible backdrops generally measure 5′ X 7′ when fully extended. When collapsed, these items fit neatly in a very small space. The surface area is generous enough to do impromptu head and medium shots, take portraits of couples or singles and even capture a photo of the family pet. It is much easier to commit to a sudden location call, if you have one or two reversible backdrop bags waiting in your vehicle.

You can find these portable backdrop kits in many surprising places. Human Resource Managers may use the collapsible backgrounds when taking pictures of new hires for personnel files. You could find one at the ball park, during the annual team picture day. You might even find a reversible collapsible backdrop in use during spontaneous photo shoot opportunities with the local politician.
woman posing on retro collapsible backdrop

Photo Courtesy of Ryan M. Walsh

Professionals also like the flexibility to use the screens vertically or horizontally, depending on the conditions and space allocation. Kits are available that include accessories like stands to add height and stability and clip hardware for easy attachment to light poles, stands or other surfaces. Using the clip and a telescoping light pole, collapsible backdrops can be raised to allow for taller subjects.

As collapsible backdrops gain in popularity, many professional photographers have started carrying at least one of these handy accessories in their cars. Photographers that choose to use a reversible backdrop get double their money value since each side provides different effects. Collapsible backgrounds with a reflective finish on one side and a darker, absorbent finish on the other, multiply the options to manipulate the environment.

brown reversible portable background

Step-by-Step Instructions For Folding A Collapsible Backdrop:

Practice makes perfect and after a few trial runs anyone can complete the fold-up in just a few seconds! 1. Hold the backdrop in front of you and rotate the entire backdrop until it is horizontally on its side. 2. The top and bottom are now the left and right sides. Pull the two sides toward you in a smooth, slow motion until the background starts to fold on its own. The backdrop will look like a figure 8; you will notice two individual circles with a middle twist. 3. Push the circle nearest to your head away from you so that it folds over the other circle. Mission accomplished! You can now store your reversible backdrop in the pouch. Reversible backdrops, collapsible backdrops and other backgrounds for photography deliver reliable and portable environmental control!

Why do YOU love your collapsible backdrop?

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-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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