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Make Your Photos Stand Out with Textured Backgrounds | Backdrop Express BlogFeaturing: Silver Sequin Fabric Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Textured backgrounds are a unique and vibrant category of photo backdrops that can add dimension and depth to any type of photo shoot. From sequins to velvet-like patterned damask and textured roses made of satin, this diverse category of backdrops is a refreshing departure from the traditional blended or solid color muslin. With a variety of fabrics, patterns and textures to choose from, you can be sure that any backdrop in this category will bring a beautiful and memorable appearance to the shoot.

Real Texture For Depth and Dimension

Textured backgrounds are not computer-printed; these backdrops offer a true textured material and a surface that is varied and tactile to the touch. Because of this, the textured look comes through with special depth and dimension in the shot. Photographers also love that these backdrops are wrinkle-resistant, and at sizes between 5 ft x 6 ft to 5ft x 9ft, they are ideal for child and newborn photos, photo booths, or wherever you’re dealing with a compact space.

Textured backdrops for photography come in a variety of truly unique styles available in all manner of bold, bright colors and even retro patterns. Using a textured background can add extra depth and interest to portraits, especially for very basic studio shots where some additional flair is desired. These backdrops are especially complementary to baby and kid photography, as many of the styles have fun, youthful designs such as floral swirls and bright ruffles. Again, we’re talking texture that is tactile to the touch — not computer-printed for an illusion.

Damask and Floral Swirl

Damask and floral swirl textured backdrops are made of a shiny taffeta material and have raised velvet-like patterns. The contrast between the dark textured pattern and the bright, bold fabric colors behind them make for an impactful setting for your studio and portrait photography. At just 5′ x 6′ in size, they’re also easy to take on location. They’re excellent for kids’ photos, vintage scenes, or whenever cutting-edge contrast and patterning is desired.

Textured BackgroundsFeaturing: Purple with Black Swirls Fabric Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of LRFotography

Ruffle Backdrops

Ruffle backdrops take texture up a notch and are made of gorgeous taffeta fabric. They feature 2-inch thick rows of lush, layered ruffles that flow down the entire backdrop for a rich, luxurious look. They can also exude a fun and energetic tone when paired with young subjects, which makes them great for child and infant photography.

Ruffle BackdropsFeaturing: Lime Green Taffeta Ruffle Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Textured Rose Fabric Backdrops

Get the look and subtle appeal of stylized roses without having to create a floral look from scratch. Rose fabric backdrops are also made of taffeta fabric and feature beautiful 3-D rose pattern textures across the entire surface. They are soft and inviting and can create romantic appeal for couples shots, but they are also a popular and effective choice for newborn and infant photography.

Rose Fabric Photography BackdropsFeaturing: Cream Rose Fabric Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Robin Busch

Sequin Backdrops

Sequin backdrops also have real texture on them due to the thousands of real sequins that are set on each backdrop. Available in a rainbow of colors, there’s sure to be a sequined backdrop that’s perfect for your photo shoot or special event. Sequin encrusted backdrops are popular for holiday parties, photo booths, evening events and glamour style photography, as they always bring a bright, festive, eye-catching and lustrous look to the shot.

Sequin Photography BackdropsFeaturing: Purple Sequin Fabric Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Bridgette Burr Photography

Computer Printed Patterned Backdrops

If the look you’re striving for isn’t available in any of these styles, consider a computer patterned backdrop for your shoot. A full line of computer printed patterned backdrop styles offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind looks, from chevrons and polka dots to swirls and argyle. No matter what the theme or need, these fabric backdrops photograph beautifully and realistically. They can be the perfect accent for holiday portraits, photo booths, kids’ shoots, parties, and more.

Textured photography backdrops bring a rich new dimension to studio and portrait photography. Traditional and solid color muslins can serve a reliable role in your studio work, but textured photography backdrops are always there to “step it up” and fill a special niche that old-style backdrops just can’t. Having a variety of these tactile backdrops on hand will ensure that you’re ready for any subject matter, theme, or creative need that may arise in the studio. Pick up an assortment of textured backdrops today and see where these exciting, vibrant styles can take you.

Do you like using textures and patterns in your studio photography, or keeping a simple and seamless setup?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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