Creative Photo Sets: Pairing a Floordrop with a Printed Backdrop

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Printed Backdrops Have you been getting the itch to capture some creative full-body photos against a bright and bold background, but your floor just doesn’t work with what you’re going for? Perhaps you just want a creative pattern or setting that you probably won’t find in any normal home. With hundreds of printed backdrops available at Backdrop Express, you have the potential to offer an entire one-of-a-kind set up for your next photo shoot for any client – even the four-legged kind!

Printed Backdrops for PhotographyFeaturing: Dog Paws Printed BackdropWild West Planks

Being able to offer your client a full set-up has many advantages. You won’t be limited to just headshots or waist-up portraits, plus you and your client can collaborate to build a themed photo session complete with the perfect complementary wardrobe for them to don. Your model will also have more room to play while they are posing and you can bring more poses into the shoot such as laying down or sitting on the ground without having to worry about rearranging backdrops or (worse) trying to cover up a plain studio floor. Another advantage of stocking up on both printed backdrops and floordrops is that they are very versatile and can be mixed and matched to the photographer and client’s liking. Below, we share just a few ideas of what you can do when pairing a floordrop with a printed backdrop.

1. Mix and Match

Printed Backdrops for PhotographyFeaturing: Steel Blue/Gray Polka Dot Printed BackdropNeutral Planks

Hang a backdrop with a classy, bold pattern or color and complete the look with a complementary floordrop. Our painted wood floordrops look great with whimsical designs like chevron, polka dots and stripes.

2. Create an Entire Scene

Printed Backdrops for PhotographyFeaturing: North Pole Printed Backdrop and Fresh Snowfall Printed Backdrop

Printed Backdrops for PhotographyFeaturing: Path Less Traveled By Printed Backdrop, Autumn Leaves Printed Backdrop

Sometimes the weather doesn’t permit us to seek out a perfect location for our shoot. Create your own indoor setting -even one that’s traditionally outdoors- such as a winter snow theme with a fresh snowfall floor and any holiday scene (like this cute North Pole Printed Backdrop.) Add a few realistic props like pinecones and “snowballs” (we used pillow stuffing in the photo above) to really bring it to life with your model.

3. Replicate a Vintage Room

Printed Backdrops for PhotographyFeaturing: Regal White Tin Tiles Printed Backdrop and Wide Gray Planks

To really get that vintage feel, pair a beautiful, realistic wood floordrop with a classic patterned backdrop like damask or traditional floral wallpaper themes. Complete the look with a wooden baseboard (you can find various styles at any home improvement store) and add a wooden rocking chair or vintage daybed and you’ll have a blast from the past scene right in your studio!

What creative photography set-ups have you come up with?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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