10 Cute Summer Backdrops for Fun Summertime Photo Shoots

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summer backdrops School’s out, kids are home and not a lot’s going on this summer? Make it a weekly activity for your kids to plan out their very own special summertime photo shoots!

Build up an inventory of summer backdrops and props to go along with your sweet models and encourage their (and your!) imaginations to run wild!

1. Lemonade Stand

Build your own custom lemonade stand – or for an easier setup, touch on the sweet & sour fruity theme with lemons galore, a homemade chalkboard sign and paper banners.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Lemons Printed Backdrop, Smooth White Planks Floordrop, Stained Wooden Posing Crate

2. Sunny Surfers

While everyone’s running around in their swimsuits anyways, why not catch some super surfer shots with a fun poseable backdrop? Set up the backdrop on the ground to allow for creative posing.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Sunshine Surfer Poseable Printed Backdrop

3. Bright & Sunny

Let them show off their favorite beach accessories like their glamorous sunglasses, swim suit and beach ball with this retro sunny backdrop.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Neon Sunglasses Printed Backdrop

4. Cloudy Day

If it’s just too hot outside in your neighborhood to capture cute cloudy day portraits, bring them inside for a whimsical and bright setup.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Clouds Printed Backdrop

5. Day at the Beach

It’s too hot, AND you’re no where near a beach? Pretend you’re splashing in the waves and building elaborate sandcastles with this sandy scene.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Beach Sandcastle Printed Backdrop

6. Tropical Island

Planning a pirate party? A deserted island backdrop is the perfect photo booth setup!

summer backdropsFeaturing: Deserted Island Printed Backdrop 

7. Sidewalk Chalk

Grab a colorful bucket of chalk for a picturesque sunny day park portrait.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Hopscotch Printed Backdrop

8. Tutti Frutti

The best way to cool down during summertime is with fresh, sweet fruit! What screams summer more than a bright pink watermelon? Check out a few of our favorite fruity backdrop styles below.

summer backdropsSee all Candy & Food Backdrops

9. Patriotic

Don’t forget about the 4th of July holiday! Show off your patriotism with red, white and blue.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Vintage Stars & Stripes Printed Backdrop, Red & Blue Fireworks Printed Backdrop

10. Bright Chevron

Looking for something a little more versatile? Bright colors in chevron patterns bring out a cheery, relaxed summertime feel.

summer backdropsFeaturing: Gold Chevron Fabric Backdrop

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

Interested in finding more summertime photo shoot inspiration? Shop all Summer Backdrops at Backdrop Express, and check out our blog post: 10 Fun 4th of July Photography Ideas! 

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