7 Essential Newborn Photography Props

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newborn photography props Newborn photography is one of those genres that just lends itself to props. Of course, the subject is adorable enough, but artfully chosen photography props can take the “Awww” factor to the next level. The studio is the ideal controlled setting for newborn photography and making use of a variety of props. Just about anything can have “prop potential,” from things you already own to items the mother brings along. Hobby and craft stores, fabric stores, resale shops, antique markets and even rummage sales all have potential. There are countless possibilities, but just make sure each props is safe, clean and sanitary. When stocking your studio with newborn photography props, these seven categories are essential:

1. Clothing

While your model’s mother will likely bring along a few outfit options, you can’t always count on their choices working out. Be sure to have an assortment of adorable onesies, rompers, bloomers, dresses, tutus and other outfits on hand to use during the session if needed. Some might feature ruffles, crocheted or knitted textures, striking patterns, feather embellishments and animal themes. Diaper covers are another great studio prop item for babies; you can pair them with a matching hat or headband for a heart-melting look. Diaper covers come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles and textures. Boys can wear them, too — try dark colors, plaids and boy-centric prints; add a mini tie or bow tie.

newborn photography propsFeaturing: Yellow Plaid 1st Birthday Hat

2. Bowls, Baskets & More

Let’s face it; when it comes to newborn photography props, just about anything with a baby inside of it is going to look incredibly cute. Feel free to try putting the newborn in bowls, baskets, boxes, buckets, crates, a galvanized tub, a wagon, a chest, a small suitcase, a little bath tub, a vintage tool box — anything is possible. Be sure to lay soft blankets inside the prop to make it comfortable for the little one. Changing the interior of the prop can also allow for altering the look and feel of a prop throughout the shoot.

newborn posing props Featuring: Crochet Swirl Hat with Tail | Courtesy of Simply Blissful Photography

3. Cheesecloth & Wraps

Cheesecloth and stretch wraps are simple but ideal for snuggling and swaddling a newborn to get some incredible shots. The wrap helps to keep the baby warm and comfortable, adds texture and paves the way for beautiful, serene photos of them sleeping or looking very relaxed. Colored wraps can add artful interest and color splashes to the photos as well; you might even consider dyeing your own cheescloth like photographer Chrissy Martin did. Carefully hanging the newborn in a gauzy wrap is another option.

newborn wraps Featuring: Steel Blue Stretch Knit Wrap | Courtesy of Coco Captures

4. Headbands & Bows

While babies may not wear headbands and bows on a daily basis, a newborn photography shoot is the perfect time for parents to indulge their dress-up urges with their little ones. Babies look amazing in headbands, especially little girls. There are a wide variety of styles available, from the simple to the ornate. Headbands and bows are very affordable, so there’s no reason not to have a big selection of them on hand for your newborn shoots.

headbands photography propsFeaturing: Dusty Pink Vintage Flower Headband | Courtesy of Katie Geier Photography

5. Hats

Hats nearly always work in newborn photography and have a very high “cuteness” factor. Again, sky’s the limit — there are knitted hats, beanies, safari hats, straw hats, caps and even themed hats: think firefighter, sailor or police man for your little boys, and flowered hats, tiaras and feathers for the girls. From more subdued and pastel looks to bright and costume-like effects, there are few props that are more playful, cute and fun than hats for babies.

newborn baby hatsFeaturing: Sea Caption Crochet Hat | Courtesy of MLPhotoStudio

6. Mini Furniture

Having mini furniture around for your newborn shoots is a must; you just never know what type of setting will be called for based upon the outfits and accessories they look best in. Infant-sized beds, desks and chairs are just the beginning; consider an armoire, a hammock, rocking chair, vintage bassinet and Victorian style furniture. Find rustic items at resale shops and clean them up and/or refurbish them, or buy professional grade. Consider painting them unexpected colors. As with all props, just make sure they will be safe for your tiniest subjects; never leave an infant unattended on any furniture item.

newborn photography propsFeaturing: Striped Monkey Hat | Courtesy of Simply Blissful Photography

7. Specialty Backdrops and Blankets

The right backdrops and blankets can complete the look of your shoot and really bring it all together. From a faux-weathered wood wall for vintage looks to kid themes to textured backdrops to add visual interest, there’s a huge selection of newborn backdrops to help take your prop selection to the next level. Having a big assortment of blankets for your newborn shoots is always wise; from furry textures to knitted looks and more contemporary styles, you really can’t have too many.

Rose Fabric BackdropsFeaturing: Burgundy Rose Textured Fabric Backdrop | Courtesy of Braly Studios

These seven prop categories are just the start. Now, let your creativity flow! Consider using garlands, stuffed animals, oversized baby blocks, and even some of mom or dad’s personal items as props within the photos. Yes, baby photography can be challenging, but with a little planning and an assortment of props to choose from, the results will be well worth it.

What are some of your favorite types of newborn photography props?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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