Extending the Life of Your Seamless Paper

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Seamless backdrop paper is one of the most common types of photography backdrops. It’s inexpensive price tag and consumable nature makes it perfect for a variety of uses, including: portraits, commercial photography, product photography, video photography and more. Seamless paper backdrops can also be used for non-photography related needs as well, such as: decoration, theater productions, banners, and posters. Although this material is beneficial for its economical price, paper backgrounds should never be regarded as “cheap” or “disposable”. With proper maintenance, your background will give you years of service. When hanging your seamless paper backdrop between sessions, use sturdy protective storage tubes. You can make your own tube with a 4-inch PVC pipe or you can purchase ready-made cardboard tubes. Remember to buy the caps if you are making your own storage tubes. Both ends should have a cap that fits on securely to prevent dust, other airborne particles and sunlight from soiling or fading the backdrop.

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Photo background paper should be stored hanging vertically to prevent warping and color degradation. This type of damage will show as creases, folds or color inconsistencies in your photographs, which will ruin any photo shoot. Helpful storage accessories, such as a paper roll holder, allow you to store multiple rolls in one area.

seamless paper roll clip

Take care of your backdrops by storing them in appropriate protective containers, hanging them properly during each session, and using cutting tools that produce a clean, straight line without tears or jagged edges. If you treat your seamless paper backdrops with care and respect, they will repay you with many years of dependable, consistent service.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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