10 Great Photography Blogs You Should be Reading

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photographer shooting camera The internet has brought us an endless source of information, lessons, and How-To blogs to help us learn how to do just about anything—from solving the Rubik’s Cube to cooking the perfect strawberry shortcake to photography. However, with all of these options that oftentimes provide contradicting advice, it can be hard to know where to go to get quality, professional-level advice. To point you in the direction of the best photography tips and tricks, here is a list of 10 of my favorite Photography Blogs to get some advice from, aside from Backdrop Express, of course!

1. Lynda.com

With video tutorials on just about everything you could possibly imagine, Lynda.com is an invaluable resource for photographers who want to learn more about photography (or videography, graphic design, web design, etc.) from some of the industry’s top professionals. There are video tutorials available for all levels as well, and different price points depending on what users want.

2. Photo District News

One of the photography industry’s bibles, Photo District News has been providing essential, professional-level photography advice for over 20 years. Keeping up with what is new at PDN will not only ensure that you are up-to-date on technical advances in the field, but also prepare you to get into the professional photography world, with tips on how to approach editors and networking advice.

3. Photofocus

Photofocus provides practical and useful tips for photo-aficionados at all levels of skill and interest, from ideas for photographers’ New Year’s Resolutions to reviews of LED lights.

4. Digital Photography School

With information on everything from cameras and equipment to tips for improving travel photos, Digital Photography School is a great place to seek out advice on all your photography needs.

5. Exposure Guide

Like the others, this site provides tutorials and tips for photographers at all levels. My favorite part of this site, however, is its “Digital Photography Glossary” where it breaks down all the complicated photography jargon from A-Z. photographer on white photography background

6. Photojojo

A widely-acclaimed photography blog, Photojojo covers an array of photo-related topics. My favorite aspect of this website is the quirky DIY projects they give instructions on—such as making a bracelet out of empty film canisters. Also, the web design is fun and visually interesting—an aspect which most photography blogs seem to neglect.

7. Flickr Blog

While most photographers or internet users are familiar with Flickr, there is a blog that features selected images based on a designated theme and, of course, quality. One of the best ways to improve photography skills is to take a look at what your peers are up to, and Flickr’s Blog is just the place to do it.

8. Tofurious

As creative beings, we are notorious for lacking skills in the more practical, gritty aspects of “photography business”–more specifically the second word in that phrase. This website features some generally inspirational articles, as well as some more specific advice for how to price your services and use social networking to market your brand.

9. The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer features “First Impressions” where they review new cameras. Although the information is detailed, it is written in an easy to understand voice that won’t leave newbies lost.

10. B&H’s Insight’s Blog

To any photography geek, B&H’s Manhattan mega-photography store looks like the inside of Santa’s Workshop. For advice on technical stuff, or comparisons of various light modifiers at different shutter speeds (yes, I know, nerdy, but valuable), B&H’s blog is a great resource. Although reading blogs for technical tips and inspiration is incredibly valuable, the best way to become a better photographer is to grab a camera and head outside. After browsing through a few of these sites, you should be feeling inspired and confident enough go outside and shoot.

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